Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Go with the mix...Merry Xmas

Merry christmas to all my lovely viewers and followers. I wish you the goodness and joy of the season. Have a good one guys.
So, during the busy week, I wore this outfit briefly and as a matter of fact, I'm not satisfied yet, I need to make sure I wear the ''living hell outta it''. Lol Hope you guys are having a fabulous one? Have a good one again. xo

Friday, 20 December 2013

Biker- Like

Hello ladies, how have y'all been? This is a very late post. Just wanted to make sure I have it up here before I go to bed. I dressed up in this bikers-luxe outfit. I felt quite like a gangster, felt really cool also with my boy cut. lol. So now I gotta go. Have a good night rest.. xoxo

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Shell and cuffs

 Hello lovely ladies, how have you guys been keeping up? Well, I'm trying all I can to keep up with you all despite my tight schedule. So, yesterday, I went out wearing this outfit, one thing I like about the outfit is the comfort and matured/classy look, do you agree? I had my neck and ankle cuffed up and my shell skirt to compliment, that's a decent way of wearing a crop top in daylight. Hope your weekend is coming up good? Have a good one guys, xoxo

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Appearances matter and remember to smile - NELSON MANDELA

Hello lovely ladies, I know it's been a while, but we are working on something bigger. How have you guys been and how well did you spend your weekend? Mine was awesome, spent my weekend praising God. It was an awesome experience at the experience part 2 in church today. Nuff said, I wore this outfit sometimes last week, It had heads turning obviously because of my dramatic skirt, like you know, I love drama. 

Nelson Mandela laid a foundation ,it is your turn to lay yours...
Have a good one guys...xoxo

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fuchsia Panther

Happy new month and hello, regards from fuchsia panther, how are y'all preparing for the christmas holiday? I wore this outfit this weekend, and like I earlier said, I'm not  a big fan of pink. but I like fuchsia and the sweet pink. So, how did y'all enjoy your weekend? hope you are well prepared for the new week and the last month of the year? Have a good one ladies. xoxo
Outfit details down the page.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Accentuated Baggies by Toun AJ woman '13

Hello ladies, been a short time, how have you guys been? Have you been keeping up with me on instagram @tounaj and twitter @tounajj? If you have just been keeping up with my blog, you need to keep up with me on instagram and twitter.. Nuff said, how was your week and how are y'all preparing for this week? I'm wearing toun aj woman's pants, this creation is really awesome. the fit is phenomenal, its one of my best creations, the material, the style and the fitting. It has this baggy/ accentuated waist fitting. Its really a must have, if interested, email, its available also in another design. Have a good one guys...xoxo

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Midi Flare

Hello Ladies, how have y'all been? My week has been pretty busy and nerve racking. How about yours? Hope your week is going good? Just thought to quickly share some photos of my sunday outfit. Hope you like it? Have a good one guys

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lingerie-style Skirt

Hello ladies, yea I know it's been a minute, we are working on something bigger, God willing. So, how did y'all spend your week? mine was action packed just like I predicted. Do you know there are alot of designs now in the lingerie style? This skirt is one of them, it has the lingerie lace at the bottom part, I'm not a big lover of floral, but I really like this one esp because of the lace. So what do you think? Hope you like them..Have a good one people..xoxo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Drama Queen

 Hi ladies, how are you preparing for another week? I presume mine would be action packed.  I'm not a drama queen literally, but a drama queen when it comes to my style. So I'm sure my viewers can tell I love a little drama in everything I wear , if there aint drama, I'm not So as soon as I saw this shirt on ASOS I could really picture myself in it even though I have alot of ways to wear it. So this is NO1 out of many. Hope you guys are having a good one? Happy viewing...xoxo

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


 Hello lovely ladies, how is your week going? mine is going platinum. I'm wearing an heavily embellished dress as a top and a flared skirt. Hope you guys are having a platinum week like mine..Have a good one guys...xoxo

Monday, 4 November 2013


Hello ladies, been a minute. How did your weekend go? Mine was really fun. Just wanna say a big thank you to those who took out time to send me emails and messages on FB, I'm really grateful. 

So, sometimes last week, I wore this outfit, wanted to pull some sorta military and feminine look at the same time, I've rocked this jacket like 4 times now in 4 different ways. It is actually one of  my fave jackets. Hope you guys like it? Have a good one ladies. xoxo

Friday, 1 November 2013

REBIRTH: Happy bday and happy new year to me

Happy birthday and happy new year to me. New year, new beginnings, new life, new things, new favours, new smiles, new everything. Today is a renewed growth and existence, the revival, the beginning of good things, the beginning of immense favour and recognition. I call this a new year cos its my rebirth. ''Old things are passed away I'm born again''. Can't thank God enough for making me see today talkless of celebrating today. I'm a new creation, I'm a brand new being, old things are passed away, now I'm born again, it's a rebirth, YES!!!!! A rebirth... God has been good, He has been kind, merciful, He has filled my heart with joy, fulfilled every promise He made. I cant but say I'm thankful and FOREVER grateful. Help me tell baba God thank you...A good and joyous day I hope for today...Yayyyyyyyyy!!! It's Toun AJ's birthday, yes it's my birthday. why turn down?? oh no, If you aint turning up then you aint in the game...Turn the hecking up and get the moves like jagger...Have a good one dolls......xoxo

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sweet Pink

Hello ladies, how's your week going? Mine is going great. I've had this particular piece from tounajwoman for a while now but never actually wore it. I can't but say I love the fit. I'm not a lover of pink but this particular shade is just sweet, sure you would agree with me on that. Hope you guys are having a good one? xoxo

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Glowing week (Day 1)

Hello ladies, how was your weekend, mine was chilly. This week, I intend to glow because it's my birthday week, yaaay! I get excited when my birthday is close because it's always a good one for me and this won't be an exception by God's grace. I swear I didnt mean to frown or mean-mug in these photos, I tried to smile and maintain the subtle face but it was just so sunny, and I suck at smiling, I'm a pro at laughing, won't I seem crazy if I have to laugh for every shot?lol. I really didn't mean to, cos I need to smile this week and God is going to give me reasons to. So, I wore this outfit to church, green and white, my country's flag colour. Wanted something a bit regular and detailed at the same time and my shirt and skirt worked it out. I'm wearing tounaj woman skirt, interested in the skirt email Have a good one guys and have a blissful week. Mwah!!! xoxo

Thursday, 24 October 2013


 Hello ladies, sorry about the late post.. How have you guys been? I've been fine thank you. I wore this outfit on sunday to church. I like the way the inner tissue top matches my skin tone making it look more like it was drawn on my skin. lol. Hope you guys are having a good week? Have a good one people...xoxo

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Vintage Cut-Out

Hello ladies, how was your weekend? Mine was really good. During the weekend, I was out in this oufit. Just some random look, I like the detailed shirt and shoe. And oh well, this is my second white sandal...Can't get enough of it. Have a good one guys...xoxo

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hello ladies, hope you guys had a good week? can you define my look? oh well, maybe not. But that's what style is about, putting few pieces together to make it meaningful. Nuff said, I like the way I put all the pieces together to give an old school look. Believe it or not, almost all we wear these days have been worn back in the days, but maybe these days are a little refined.
I have a very funny picture of me y'all gotta see down here, it's the very last picture and oh boy, I almost slipped, all in the name of walking and pausing and my legs shaking cause I'm pausing to get a nice shot. You people think it's easy ehn, but it's really not. When I used to just take pictures everyday for the fun of it, it was effortless, but now that I have to take them to keep my blog going and also for you to be aware of my clothing line, it looks more like a workload but still fun though. Anyways, have a good one guys and have a lovely weekend...xoxo

Friday, 18 October 2013

Joggers & Booties

Hello ladies, a special thank you to everyone that made comments as regards the blog's one year anniversary, I got all the emails, couldn't reply all but planned to say a big thank you up here, I really appreciate y'all, many thanks. So how did you spend your break? mine was awesome and kinda fun and it was a very sunny day that gave so much lighting to my pictures.. During the hols, I wore this outfit, I felt really cool in it, I actually loved the back, ONLY because of the C-cut back of the crop blazer, I love the slight exposure at the back, lol.
 I personally love joggers and sandal booties, gives a slightly boyish and girly look. So what do you think?
Have a good one guys...xoxo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


YES!!! It is today. Today is the one year anniversary of Toun AJ's Blog. Yes we started this time last year and ofcourse we are still here. I'm grateful to God for the opportunities it brought me and the recognition I get from my viewers within Nigeria and outside Nigeria, especially the United Kingdom and the United states and other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and many more. Little did I know the blog will be viewed all over when I started this time last year. The blog has created a major platform for my clothing line and me as a stylist, it has become my online shop not just to showcase my personal everyday style also to sell my clothing line #tounajcouture #tounajwoman. 
Don't get it twisted, this is just the beginning of good things to come, you aint seen nothing yet. just stay tuned as always and continue to fuel in your unbeatable support to my blog. 
Lastly, I can't complete this write up without thanking my awesome, inestimable, wonderful, sweet mozarela viewers. You guys have been awesome, even though I might not personally know my viewers, I clearly see how prompt y'all are at the back end. Thanks for the support and pls keep it coming as usual. 
So, today, I'm giving out 2 lovely pieces from #tounajwoman oct collection to the first 2 people to send me an email saying ''happy birthday to my blog'', lool. It's funny but I mean it o...Keep it coming, just 2 (Size 8 and 10)
Have a good one guys...xoxo

Monday, 14 October 2013

Shades of Wine

 Hello ladies, how did your weekend go and how well are you looking forward to the break? I wore this outfit on sunday and decided to put some wine pieces together. 3 shades on wine, sometimes you can get a look right by putting some shades together to get an outstanding look. I'm sure y'all would be wondering ''why the frequent hats''? well, this past weekend, I had this hairstyle on that got my scalp extremely weak, so had to take it off quickly, so right now, Toun Aj's scalp is, asides that, I love hats and I have quite a number. Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Friday, 11 October 2013


Good morning ladies and thank God it's friday. How did your week go?hope great? because mine was awesome thank you. Take a close look at this picture and detach the accessories I have on. I'm sure most of you would be able to do that. Oh well. I wore this top and skirt and felt it looked a bit too office-like and regular, so I searched to see what I could put together to give it a fierce look, I was able to come out with a cape on the shirt and ''a corset tummy belt with peplum'' on the skirt and then the medium size hat. And behold, I stopped looking simple. lol. Accessories are a big part of clothing, they add so much effect to what you are wearing, giving it so much grace. And by the way, black and gold is still a very hot trend, and in my wardrobe, they've taken over. 
PS: Just to let y'all know Toun AJ's Blog will be ONE on October 15, yaaaay! We've really come this far and I'm happy we could actually make it this far, and by the way, this is just the beginning. Please follow me on instagram @tounaj, twitter @tounajj

Have a good one guys, xoxo

Monday, 7 October 2013

Be-Dazzled in Toun AJ couture

Hi ladies, how are you all today? here is a another premium dress from Toun AJ woman Fall '13. It's a heavily embellished dress that weighs quite alot. It's a tight fitting V-neck dress with power shoulders.The material is the pride of the dress. Interested in this dress, email or call =2348124602599

Have a good one guys, xoxo

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Toun AJ Woman: Lil' Bronze dress

Hello ladies, Toun AJ woman is back this month with a bang. This is one of our fall '13 designs. It is a bronze short stiff flared dress with power baby sleeves shoulder. You can simply place your order by emailing or call +2348124602599. Had a metallic to your wardrobe by ordering this gorgy dress from us. Have a good one guys...xoxo

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Nude tone

Good morning ladies, how is the week coming up? mine isn't so bad, I pulled a daring look with this backless maxi dress, firstly, I'm a lover of anything nude and I decided to run the all nude ensemble. There's sexiness attached to the colour nude, it has a really classy feel on the body tone. Wish you all a great weekend ahead, have a good one, xoxo

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Lil' beauty book

 Hello people, how was your weekend? Mine was full of fun and I hope you prayed for Nigeria?... Well, was away over the weekend but now I'm back just like I said. 
Some viewers have been asking me to do a post on my beauty products, and just thought to do it since I had a lot of requests on that, So, here are some few products I use occasionally. Details available below and on the pictures, also for the hair... have a good one guys...xoxo

Friday, 27 September 2013

Will be MIA

Good morning to all you beautiful people, I will be MIA for just some few days, going on a very short trip to be back early next week. See you guys then...Don't hesistate to keep the emails coming, meanwhile, you can follow me on instagram @tounaj , twitter @tounajj, keek @Toun_Aj. Also remember to like my page..Thank you guys.
Love, Toun AJ

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hello dears, how are you all? How's the week going? So, I wore this outfit yesterday dazzling in sequin and metallics. It was also a rainy day, but I was still able to take some lovely pictures. Hope you all are havong a good week? Looking forward to an exciting weekend already. #dontjudgeme. Have a good one people...xoxo

Monday, 23 September 2013


 It was such a rainy sunday,I almost wasn't able to take pictures. as a matter of fact, I took some while it was raining. It was such a dark sunday. How are you guys today? hope you had a perfect weekend? mine was quite busy.
Notice the first picture? I was scared as hell, was unable to balance on that ''hec'', been a while, old age ba? yes it 
I'm really inlove with this bermuda leather shorts by Toun AJ woman, unfortunately, we are sold out to be back in stock soon. So, I like the effect of this flash lens by ray ban, it matches my shoes and nature, innit? lol. 
Please note that when you have on a full fringe it's awkward to wear shades, but should incase you wanna wear one, flip your fringe to the side...Have a good one people...xoxo

Friday, 20 September 2013

At the moment: Lumberjack is back

Hello dolls, how's your week going? mine has been action packed. I wore this outfit yesterday, lumberjack is in at the moment, and my love for it is immeasurable. How best can you wear it if not with a boyfriend denim, doesn't mean you can't try it with something else. We improved again on the quality of our pictures,we upgraded, just for you, lol. Wish you a good one today...xoxo

PS: My twitter handle is now @tounajj and no more @ddetoun

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The girl next door

 Hello people, how are you today? and how's your week going? mine is going just as planned. Do you ever get addicted to some particular shoes? you might have quite a number but still very much addicted to some. I'm a lover of comfy and statement shoes. Nuff said, I'm wearing a crop sequin free top on a leather bermudas and I'm wearing tounaj woman. Interested in the bermuda shorts? email
Noticed my hair? yea, wanted a quick short change, wanted fresh air actually. Lol. Have a good one dolls. xoxo

Monday, 16 September 2013

Mixing patterns with bright colours

Hello people, how did your weekend go? mine was great thank you. I've been having so much difficulties with my blog, but thank God I've been able to figure it out. So, I wore this outfit sometime last week, decided to mix up the patterns with this red jumpsuit, and I just noticed I've been wearing a lot of red these Style isn't about the amount of clothes you have, it's strictly about how you can put up pieces together to make them look different and distinct. Fashion can be affordable and bought but style isn't, it's rare and hard to come buy. Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Introducing: Larrit Shoe Village

Thinking of where to get trendy shoes, visit.................

Larrit shoe village, your No 1 shoe shop in Lagos, affordable and reliable, favourite of many, sexy heel zone of divas. Trendy and all season foot wears in different styles, varieties in different brand names yet juicy price. Just walk into our store and we will welcome you with huge collections of shoes of life and you will be glad to come again.
We offer wholesale and retail services.
Visit us now at shop 52 opposite munchies, beside Eco Bank, donna moderna salon building, salvation bus stop, Ikeja. Add us on bbm: 25D07A6D, call us on 08023431875, follow us on instagram @larritshoevillage.
See ya soon

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rainy day

 Hello people.There has been alot of rainy days, and it's not been too easy taking pictures, guess august break is rolling out. I even took this picture while it was drizzling. lol. Just one of my casual days especially when the rain didnt encourage. Hope you have a good one... xoxo

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sequined UP

 Hello people, how did your weekend go? Mine was solo, we thank God. I didn't really feel like dressing up tight, but I still had to bling up with this sequin blazer. I probably would have gone for a black pants, but just wanted a pop of red. Hope you had a good weekend? Have a good one people...xoxo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Black and Gold: One in two

 Good morning dolls, how's your week coming up? I wore this outfit on monday. Do you know I'm wearing a dress as a top?Yes dont think all short dresses should only be worn as short dresses, you can try out the ones you hardly wear and wear them as tops. It's a hooded dress btw on a flared skirt, black and gold is really big at the moment. AND, the shoes are gorgy, interested in the shoes, check out the details below, after the last picture.. Have a good one...xoxo

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Military Gutts

 Hello dearies,sorry for the late post, been a minute, how did y'all enjoy the weekend? mine was alright, had to battle with some things. Sometime last week. I wore this outfit, I'm sure you'll be wondering what gutts I had to have ''camoued down'' but don't worry, I don't have such gutts. lool...I was pretty mindful of where and where I went to. Anyways, just thought to share the pictures with you guys...Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wonu Ohio Styles launches website

Seen a neckpiece worn by Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?
Don't know where to find it?
Be sure WOS have it in stock!

The fabulous Wonu Ohio styles have launched our website. Now you can purchase unique accessories online from from the comfort of your home.
From bridal jewelry to urban statement jewelry we have everything you need to look fabulous and yes we delivery!

Shop Now @

(Register today to find out how you can win a free neckpiece)

Tounajcouture: Sexy in Lace

 Hello dolls, how's your day going? Mine is going good, thank you. I wore this outfit by tounajcouture again yesterday, the first time I wore it, I wore it for a wedding and shared some pictures on my page on instagram @tounaj  but didn't have the time to take pictures. So I decided to wear again, and this time around I really loved the look. Lace is a very sexy fabric. I like the design on the fabric, it sleeps perfectly on the skin, it's indeed unique and appealing. You can have yours too, just email me . It's strictly on order. Have a good one dearies. Xoxo

Monday, 26 August 2013

That Boy_ Friend

 Hello people! How have y'all been? Been kicking it thank you. (Late Post) So today I wore this boy look, looking like a regular dope boyfriend in a boyfriend outfit. Recently, I've been feeling very comfy in the boyfriend trend, can't get enough of it. Gives you some sorta courage, Anyways, just thought to share my outfit and see how you guys have been, have a good one....xoxo

Friday, 23 August 2013

Appealing Street Style

WOW! I'm really tired, I've been on these pictures since yesterday till now, I really don't understand why it took this long, I had to edit all the pictures 3 times, wasn't just getting it right. Anyways, nuff said, I'm sure some of you who follow me on instagram @tounaj would have seen the preview of this outfit and also, I want every single follower to know y'all mean so much to me, and I'm really thankful... So, I wore this outfit some days ago, I'm wearing a studio crop top on a super-hugging-midi skirt with this unique court shoe, this is one of my best outfits, I had a stress free day in this outfit maybe because I'm dropping some weight, yaay!
I can't really explain how beautiful I felt and please permit me to wear this complete outfit again. lool.. Enough of the psyches, so, how are my beautiful dolls doing today? Hope you are all having a beautiful day?mine is a bit lazy, but I don't mind...Have a good one dolls, xoxo

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Stand A Chance To Win N5,000 Worth Of Airtime On TRB Fashion Diary Segment

My Fashion diary is a new segment on TRB for fashionable and intelligent people that would last for just seven days. Its going to be a segment where people get to send in their fashion related stories i.e experience, embrassing moment etc to us via and the person with the best story gets his or her self  N5,000 worth of airtime of any Nigeria network.

1. Send your story with a well detailed title to including your full name, location, phone number and twitter handle.
2. Follow us on twitter @trendyrammy
3. Mention to us on twitter writting " i just shared my fashion story with @trendyrammy"

1. After the submission of all stories,seven best stories would be shortlisted.
2. We would post them daily on the site starting from 16th of September - 22nd September, 2013.
3. On the 23rd of September, the titles of the seven stories would be posted on the site and the title with the highest comment will emerge as the winner.

- All stories should be sent to on or before 13th of September,2013.
- No gender discrimination. Its opened to both male and female.
- Actual date of the competition is 16th- 22nd September, 2013.
- For more enquires call 07039185946 or visit

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Toun AJ couture bridal/runway 2013 collection

 Have you checked out our bridal/ runway collection? yes we can style you and also your train. contact us on +2348124602599  or Have a good one...xoxo

Monday, 19 August 2013

One of my moments

Good morning dolls, how did you spend your weekend? Mine was great thank you. Have you ever longed to wear an outfit and after fitting, you just didn't feel it? I felt that way on this particular day, everything wasn't just right, I mean my feet was hurting so bad cos it was swollen, that alone killed the moment, but still had to get with it. Being a fashion blogger doesn't necessarily mean you will be perfect all the time. So this is one of my moments, Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Off-white and Gold weekend

Good morning people, how y'all enjoying the weekend? Mine is going great thank you. The craze for white and off-white is really in at the moment, I've always liked off-white/white. So what do you think? Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Friday, 16 August 2013

Crystal Clear- NEON

Good morning people, how are you today? Decided to go a little casual today in this neon jacket, white tees, and stripped pants. What do you think? Happy viewing, xoxo

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Boy dripping swaggu

  Hello dolls, how are y'all doing? I'm doing great thank you. Sorry for the late post...Today I completely did the denim dress down, I wore this outfit out and was bent on using my ''most eyed location'' in Lagos. Gradually, I'm overcoming the shyness attached to taking pictures in public especially when you see some followers coming around, lool. I used to pass through this location a lot but never summed up the courage to use it, but today, I was hell-bent on using it. I hope you enjoy it, happy viewing, xoxo

Monday, 12 August 2013

White around nature

 Good afternoon dolls, how's your day going? mine is going great thank you. I've had these pieces together for a while now, but wasn't sure of where to wear it to, so I decided to wear to church and also visit some places after church. I hope you like it. Have a good one, xoxo

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Love metallics love leather

''If you think being a woman is easy, walk in my heels''... Hello dolls, How are y'all doing?and how did you spend your holiday? Mine was well spent, thank you. During the short hols, I visited some few places and this was one of the outfits I wore. It's amazing how metallics can make you appear like a super star. I like the gutts and feeling it gives and I'm wearing it with a leather skirt and ofcourse my hat. If I'm not well convinced that I'm well dressed, I'll keep looking for what will enhance my outfit. So what do y'all think? Have a good one dolls. xoxo