Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bringing back the BAGGIES!!!

Yea! Its a beautiful morning....Hope y'all had a good night?
Yaaay, I'm bringing the baggies back! This look really reminds me of dem baggy days, where you have to match up with pink sneakers and the likes,lol... My look is gangster, toun from the block look, but the hair still gives me the chicky look.. I cant explain how much I love this look, makes me feel easy, like i dont have to cat walk or wear something tight, I mean I did a lot of bouncing that turned heads you know, lool... Notice the bulge? yea right I'm adding weight.....looool....kmt. Well, I'm wearing a spag top on a boyfriend baggy denim with this camouflage high-heel-wedge sneakers.. You dont have to wait on an old trend to come alive before you bring it back, I mean never felt so good in an outfit like I did in this. Remember, fashions fade but style is eternal....and different strokes for different folks, this is a stroke i'm laaaavingggg.... Details of the shoe available below....Please do follow me on twitter@ddetoun instagram@tounaj keek@Toun_Aj ..... Have a fab day...cheers...xoxo


Top by: F21
Denim by:Firetrap blackseal
Belt by: Gucci
Hat by: H&M
Purse by: H&M
Shoes from:
23 opebi rd, 2nd floor beside pentagon plaza ikeja Lagos. 1 Ajayi street opp custom bustop off onike rd yaba Lagos, 9 femi pearse off adeola odeku VI , flatB


  1. I loveeeee this look. Pls, can you help? I've got this cream hipsters pants,I need help in styling it. Thanks in advance

  2. lovely,i can imagine how free you would be.looking gorgeous

  3. U too lyk shoes,nice outfit.

  4. U remind me of ciara!!! M stil luvn d hair thou!

  5. Nice outfit.u were a tom boy back in high sch,remember?

  6. Pls hw much is ds camo sneakers....I luv dey still av dere......

  7. Those sneakers are bad ass! (Pls 'cuse my lang.)

    U look grt.

  8. total package is fabulous! luv it

  9. Just discovered your blog and definitely gonna follow you. i love everything about this look.
    "dripping swagguuu" lol