Sunday, 24 November 2013

Accentuated Baggies by Toun AJ woman '13

Hello ladies, been a short time, how have you guys been? Have you been keeping up with me on instagram @tounaj and twitter @tounajj? If you have just been keeping up with my blog, you need to keep up with me on instagram and twitter.. Nuff said, how was your week and how are y'all preparing for this week? I'm wearing toun aj woman's pants, this creation is really awesome. the fit is phenomenal, its one of my best creations, the material, the style and the fitting. It has this baggy/ accentuated waist fitting. Its really a must have, if interested, email, its available also in another design. Have a good one guys...xoxo

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Midi Flare

Hello Ladies, how have y'all been? My week has been pretty busy and nerve racking. How about yours? Hope your week is going good? Just thought to quickly share some photos of my sunday outfit. Hope you like it? Have a good one guys

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lingerie-style Skirt

Hello ladies, yea I know it's been a minute, we are working on something bigger, God willing. So, how did y'all spend your week? mine was action packed just like I predicted. Do you know there are alot of designs now in the lingerie style? This skirt is one of them, it has the lingerie lace at the bottom part, I'm not a big lover of floral, but I really like this one esp because of the lace. So what do you think? Hope you like them..Have a good one people..xoxo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Drama Queen

 Hi ladies, how are you preparing for another week? I presume mine would be action packed.  I'm not a drama queen literally, but a drama queen when it comes to my style. So I'm sure my viewers can tell I love a little drama in everything I wear , if there aint drama, I'm not So as soon as I saw this shirt on ASOS I could really picture myself in it even though I have alot of ways to wear it. So this is NO1 out of many. Hope you guys are having a good one? Happy viewing...xoxo

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


 Hello lovely ladies, how is your week going? mine is going platinum. I'm wearing an heavily embellished dress as a top and a flared skirt. Hope you guys are having a platinum week like mine..Have a good one guys...xoxo

Monday, 4 November 2013


Hello ladies, been a minute. How did your weekend go? Mine was really fun. Just wanna say a big thank you to those who took out time to send me emails and messages on FB, I'm really grateful. 

So, sometimes last week, I wore this outfit, wanted to pull some sorta military and feminine look at the same time, I've rocked this jacket like 4 times now in 4 different ways. It is actually one of  my fave jackets. Hope you guys like it? Have a good one ladies. xoxo

Friday, 1 November 2013

REBIRTH: Happy bday and happy new year to me

Happy birthday and happy new year to me. New year, new beginnings, new life, new things, new favours, new smiles, new everything. Today is a renewed growth and existence, the revival, the beginning of good things, the beginning of immense favour and recognition. I call this a new year cos its my rebirth. ''Old things are passed away I'm born again''. Can't thank God enough for making me see today talkless of celebrating today. I'm a new creation, I'm a brand new being, old things are passed away, now I'm born again, it's a rebirth, YES!!!!! A rebirth... God has been good, He has been kind, merciful, He has filled my heart with joy, fulfilled every promise He made. I cant but say I'm thankful and FOREVER grateful. Help me tell baba God thank you...A good and joyous day I hope for today...Yayyyyyyyyy!!! It's Toun AJ's birthday, yes it's my birthday. why turn down?? oh no, If you aint turning up then you aint in the game...Turn the hecking up and get the moves like jagger...Have a good one dolls......xoxo