Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ripped up!

Hello, and how did the long weekend go to my viewers back in Nigeria? Oh well, didn't have that much luxury here. 
Notice my belly pooch? aww, 2+ month's postpartum, Its gradually getting there hopefully before the end of the 4th month, it will be super flat. Using my Ann Cherry waist trainer and also started exercising.
So, sometime last week, I decided to wear something a bit radical, a denim on denim combo since I don't remember posting anything related to it, ''correct me if I'm wrong'' So, I paired this distressed denim top tied in front on the knee ripped denim trousers with a bandana just for the slight touch of red. I played around with the bandana by wearing it on my head ''street style'' and around my neck. I prefer both ways, but which is your favorite?
Have a good one guys. xo

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Camel tone

Camel is one of my favorite colors, and I'll be wearing a lot of black, camel, white and wine this season. How have y'all been? for me, I'm trying to keep up with my blog and make sure my viewers are constantly having something to look forward to. Have a good one guys. xo

PS: I'm wearing a harness belt.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Hello lovely people, how was your weekend? I guess awesome. I'll be doing a number of black outfits this season, there's something about black, and whoever knows me well will know I love the black and gold combo, Anyways, this is another day another black and gold photoshoot. Have a good one guys. Outfit details below

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cigarette denim

No, I didn't add some pounds in a week, for some reason this outfit is making me appear two sizes up, thanks to the a bit loose cigarette denim and the cut of the sleeves/ peplum also thanks to my one and only support ''my camera man'' the angles of the pictures made me somehow, I mean I look so huge compared to the previous pictures, lool, notwithstanding, I'm working on killing the pregnancy extras...Enough of my nagging...So how are my lovely viewers?, dropping a quick one before I get back to being a momma. Told you I'll be doing a lot of flares, Anyways, gotta go now, have a good one and outfit details below...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dare to flare

 Hello guys, how are you guys doing? I'm really glad to be back. Decided to have a back to back post just for you guys and will try my best to keep up with my blog now, but I might not be as regular because of mommy duties but I sure will do my best.
Meanwhile, I'm wearing a flared maxi skirt, remember I told you I'm a lover of all things flared, I saw this skirt some months back at H&M and I was quite lucky to find it, I saw it in  a US size4 (UK8), I knew it was going to be my size even tho I wear a UK hip size 10/12 because of the stretchy material, either ways, I wasn't ready to let it go. But I doubt if it's still in stock, I was quite lucky to find the last one. Anyway, I decided to pair with a white smoked sleeve and turtleneck top and my ever beautiful belt, 
Note that, long flared outfits elongate your legs, so when you come across long flares, I would advise you don't reduce the lengths because the stylishness is in the length, you can raise up with high pumps but make sure the flare touches the ground. Have a good one, xo

Meanwhile, peep my little belly pooch, lol. Post partum body still needs some fat shed. I'm working on going back to 140lbs, I'm currently 149lbs. So I'll update you on my journey.

Monday, 7 September 2015


FEELS REALLY GOOD TO BE BACK (had to put that in capital letters because I'm literally screaming it). It's been how many months? SOLID 5 MONTHS. OMG! Can't believe I stayed away for so long, but I guess most of you know why especially if you are following me on instagram (@tounaj). Nothing can be compared to the beautiful gift God Almighty blessed me with, I can't even explain how overjoyed I am, I'll be forever grateful and indebted to God for her. 

So. how have y'all been? It's been a very long time I must confess. Some people have been sending me emails as regards my weight loss, oh well, I gained 167lbs during pregnancy and two weeks after pregnancy I lost almost 27lbs without exercise. Unbelievable right? Oh yes I lost without exercise. The thing is I breastfed and still, during my pregnancy I didn't really have the appetite to eat my own food so that lasted till after pregnancy so the first few weeks I wasn't eating as much. But now, I'm 149lbs, oops! but I'm killing it down with exercise which I recently started, I also got introduced to waist trainer by a friend and I just started ''training my waist''. So let's see how that would work out. But I must tell you, I'm not a fan of waist training, it's really uncomfortable, I can hardly sit with it on. But I've heard a lot of good stories about it, so I guess I'll have to cope with the discomfort, Meanwhile, I got my waist trainer from Ann Cherry .

Do you know all things flared are really in? I've always loved flared pants and will always love flare in every design. OK! nuff said, need to go now, have a good one and kindly repost this.

PS: Ignore my sweaty face, it was quite hot yesterday. lol