Monday, 23 September 2013


 It was such a rainy sunday,I almost wasn't able to take pictures. as a matter of fact, I took some while it was raining. It was such a dark sunday. How are you guys today? hope you had a perfect weekend? mine was quite busy.
Notice the first picture? I was scared as hell, was unable to balance on that ''hec'', been a while, old age ba? yes it 
I'm really inlove with this bermuda leather shorts by Toun AJ woman, unfortunately, we are sold out to be back in stock soon. So, I like the effect of this flash lens by ray ban, it matches my shoes and nature, innit? lol. 
Please note that when you have on a full fringe it's awkward to wear shades, but should incase you wanna wear one, flip your fringe to the side...Have a good one people...xoxo

Jacket by: Mango
Shirt by: H&M
Shorts by: Toun AJ woman
Shoes by: Zara
Bag by: Louis Vuitton

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