Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The girl next door

 Hello people, how are you today? and how's your week going? mine is going just as planned. Do you ever get addicted to some particular shoes? you might have quite a number but still very much addicted to some. I'm a lover of comfy and statement shoes. Nuff said, I'm wearing a crop sequin free top on a leather bermudas and I'm wearing tounaj woman. Interested in the bermuda shorts? email tounajj@gmail.com.
Noticed my hair? yea, wanted a quick short change, wanted fresh air actually. Lol. Have a good one dolls. xoxo

Top by: Toun AJ woman
Shorts by: Toun AJ woman
Shoes by: Zara
Purse by: River Island


  1. You look awesome. Great hair and outfit


  2. This look is perfection!! I love it!!

  3. Loving the hair!!