Monday, 20 October 2014

Simply retro

"BIIIIIIIGGGGGG hair and don't care" I look different right? I wanted something a little different so had to go with this retro big hair and guess what, it's actually a wig, oh no, I just let the cat out...Actually my hair is under some growth watch so decided to grab this human hair wig, it fits in doesn't it? 
OH HEY HI, how are you guys doing? I'm doing fine thank you. What do you think about my retro look, cool isn't it? I'm wearing an oversized batwing shirt, it's actually long enough for a short dress, couldn't think of any other shoe to pair it with other than this lovely Amina Jillil bow pumps, the reflective sunglasses and the mini sized Guess leather bag, what do you think? I think it's super retro.

Ok guys, Toun AJ store stocked new shoes and clothes today, I won't tell you what kind of shoes because I want you to see them yourself and be the judge (but some of you would have seen some displayed on the store's Instagram account) but one thing I can guarantee you is, you won't be disappointed but only impressed. Now visit the store today 113 awolowo way Ikeja Lagos, our stuff are usually limited, so it's either you go now or you won't find them again. For more enquiries, call 07044002092 or 07067318903. Have a good one guys, xo. Continue...

Shoe by Amina Abdul Jillil
Shirt from Toun AJ store (coming soon)
Bag by Guess (Pre-order only)
Accessories by ALDO
Sunglasses by Zara


  1. You're just amazing toun..Everything suits perfectly. You rock!!👌

  2. Sexy retro look. 👌👌👌...I love it!

  3. You nailed it as usual, I love your big hair with this outfit.The shirt dress is lovely and your bow pumps are a great statement for this outfit.

    Princess Audu

  4. This look is everythin.......looking fab.