Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Something Casual

Whoever knows me well would know I'm a lover of power shoulders. So I kinda fell in love with bodysuits, no reason in particular. I've also switched to wearing jeans a lot, I also don't have a reason for that.lol. Hope y'all are having a good week? Laters, xo

Monday, 23 November 2015


 Hello, been a minute, I've actually been shooting but just haven't had time to post them because I have not been that much available. I had this posted on my instagram page @tounaj last week. You can follow me on instagram, I get to post pictures often on there. But nonetheless, I'll be editing the other pictures soon enough so I can post them before the week runs out. 
Meanwhile, I decided to revamp this old outfit, made the shoulders a bit ''poweful'' lol. Hope you guys had a great weekend? Have a good one. xo

Monday, 9 November 2015

Birthday Girl

 Hello guys, this post is coming pretty late, I shot it for my birthday...I was a year older November 2nd and I'm extremely and totally grateful to God for another solid new year of my life, Hope you wished me a good one and hope you are still wishing me. Xo

Friday, 30 October 2015


 Hello ladies, wore this outfit earlier in the week., I felt pretty different in this color because I'm not used to wearing pink.  Hope y'all had a good week? Have a good one guys, xo.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Stocking-up in ''my adidas''

Hello, it's been such a rainy weekend over here. I had to by all means take these pictures today and it drizzled all through, hence my reason for some fuzzy pictures and hair.
 So, I saw this supposed ''body stockings'' first on Khloe Kardashian and since then, I'd been hunting for it, and when I'm determined to find something, I mostly do. I found it on ASOS-ADIDAS luckily for me while browsing through the web page. The jumpsuit is by adidas and I'm a die-hard ''all things adidas'' fan.
 How does it look?, I have my reservations about it though but it does look good at the same time. Hope y'all are having a sweet weekend? Have a good one. xo

Monday, 19 October 2015

Gold up (Toun AJ blog is '3')

Couldn't decide what pictures to post so I posted almost everything. lol.
Meanwhile, I missed my blogs anniversary, I sadly forgot  which was on the 15th of this month. Like they say, when you become a mom, a lot will change. But it's better late than never. So, yaaayyyy! My blog is '3' what a journey so far. I also have my viewers to thank for all their nice comments and constantly checking out my posts. Thank y'all too much... Have a good one guys, xo

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Hello guys, how's your weekend going? Mine is a bit occupied with chores and the likes. I wore this outfit last friday, and guess what? I'm wearing a men's shirt (hubby's shirt). Now, this post is about knowing how well to blend in your ''men's wear'' For instance, I'm wearing this 'L' men's size shirt with a harness belt to accentuate the waist (doesn't have to be a harness belt, you can use any type of belt) and squeezed up the sleeves so it won't look too big or loose on me and then a very fitted flared long pants to elongate my legs and also to give a feminine touch. The harness belt reminds me of ''POPO'' I believe the idea of the belt is from the 'popo belt' police wear on to hold their guns (in my opinion)
Please note that when you were a super long pants, have your super high heels to raise you up. Have a good one guys, xo