Monday, 20 October 2014

Simply retro

"BIIIIIIIGGGGGG hair and don't care" I look different right? I wanted something a little different so had to go with this retro big hair and guess what, it's actually a wig, oh no, I just let the cat out...Actually my hair is under some growth watch so decided to grab this human hair wig, it fits in doesn't it? 
OH HEY HI, how are you guys doing? I'm doing fine thank you. What do you think about my retro look, cool isn't it? I'm wearing an oversized batwing shirt, it's actually long enough for a short dress, couldn't think of any other shoe to pair it with other than this lovely Amina Jillil bow pumps, the reflective sunglasses and the mini sized Guess leather bag, what do you think? I think it's super retro.

Ok guys, Toun AJ store stocked new shoes and clothes today, I won't tell you what kind of shoes because I want you to see them yourself and be the judge (but some of you would have seen some displayed on the store's Instagram account) but one thing I can guarantee you is, you won't be disappointed but only impressed. Now visit the store today 113 awolowo way Ikeja Lagos, our stuff are usually limited, so it's either you go now or you won't find them again. For more enquiries, call 07044002092 or 07067318903. Have a good one guys, xo. Continue...

Friday, 17 October 2014


 YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! TOUN AJ BLOG is 2!, It's been a long time coming but pardon me, my blog clocked 2 on the 15th of October, but just had the chance to share this with you, nevertheless, I'm still in the spirit. lol!  Who else will I say thank you to if not to my dear esteemed sweet mozarelas, honeybunnies, sweetiepies and unbeatable viewers. Thank y'all so much for the kind support and encouragement, for constantly checking on my blog, for taking Toun AJ's blog around the world, for making Toun AJ's blog stay with your beautiful comments. I wanna start with Nigeria, my home country, I have the baddest support from y'all, I check my back-end every now and then to see what country views my  blog the most and Nigeria has always been on top, y'all are the realest. As of today, United States is topping my views, I'm greatly humbled and sincerely thankful, wish I could meet y'all but my heart goes out to y'all for your kind support and checking Toun AJ's blog out relentlessly, y'all are awesome! United Kingdom, ever faithful, thank You guys for your immense support and for sharing Toun AJ's blog around your country, really grateful. Netherlands, Germany, thank you so much for staying and constantly viewing Toun AJ's blog. To the greatest continent in the world, AFRICA, a giant THANK YOU for your constant emails, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and so on, thanks for the love and kind comments, I see y'all and I see y'alls comments, thank you so much. Canada, Indonesia, India, France MERCI BEAUCOUP, I'm honoured and indeed grateful... To countries I didn't mention, Obrigado, shukran, dojeh, danke, grazie, takk, muchas gracias, mauruuru, ngiyabonga....I'm more than grateful! Continue...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cropped Palazzo

Hello ladies, I know it's been a while, sorry I've been MIA and still trying to settle in. How have you guys been BTW? I hope good? and hope you had a good break in Nigeria. Well well well, so I wore this outfit yesterday, I was contemplating on wearing the jumpsuit without a shirt but changed my mind, didn't want it too simple. Ok people, gotta go now, have a good one, xo

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Apologies for the silence/ NEW ARRIVALS in store

Hello my lovely viewers, it's been a very long time, I've just been trying to settle in. Apologies for the silence, I'll be back on as soon as I can, just stay tuned and while holding on. you can follow me on Instagram @tounaj. Thanks guys. New arrivals in store too (113 awolowo way ikeja lagos 07044002092). Have a good one guys. xo

Saturday, 20 September 2014

NICKI by Toun AJ woman '14

Hello ladies, how have you been? I've been good thank you. This is Toun AJ woman's second design for sept/oct '14. It's quite similar to the KIMMY outfit more reason why we named it NICKI. I said I was going to send a general broadcast as to when the KIMMY and NICKI would be in store, it's presently in store now, but my sincere apologies, it's almost already sold out, I think we just have one set of the KIMMY (in black and leopard) and just one set of the NICKI. We apparently sold majority even before we started displaying in store.Thanks for the massive support for our sept/oct '14 collection, we are indeed grateful.
Nonetheless, stay tuned, because there's more to come. So see more pictures after the cut..

Sunday, 14 September 2014

KIMMY by Toun AJ woman

Hello ladies, how's your weekend going? What do you think about this lovely set? I think it's pretty gorgeous and guess what? you can wear this skirt in two ways, squeezed-up short or you leave it long as seen in the pictures, how amazing is that? This is one of our latest designs and I called it ''KIMMY'' because it was inspired by Kim Kardashian's style. We know her for her tight skirt sets and co. This set is available in red and leopard colours, you need to see the leopard set, it's breathtaking. It is also available in black lace, both the top and skirt. Are you interested in what you see? simply call +2347044002092 or email, you can also contact us via BBM: 2AF168C3. 
PLS NOTE THAT, this set isn't in store yet but will be in store this new week. Meanwhile, you can place an order by either calling the number above, send an email or add us on BBM. 
Have a good one guys, xo

Friday, 12 September 2014


 Hello ladies, how are you guys doing? I'm doing fine thank you. I've had this brocade skirt for a while now and couldn't really figure out what to wear with it, so I finally decided to wear it with the sheer top. What do you think? Meanwhile our new design for Toun AJ woman would be available soon, and the post will be up in no time. Have a good one guys, xo