Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter TAJB readers....

Dear readers, Happy Easter celebration, may your Eastertime be filled with all the good things in life, and because HE lives forever, best wishes for your happiness this Easter and always...Have a fab one dolls....
Cheers, xoxo

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Friday in Herve Leger

Happy easter hols to y'all, did u have fun yesterday? Well I did, and I wore this gorgeous royal blue Herve Leger dress. The dress is more like girdle, lol..some people call it bandage dress, well I really love the dress especially cos of the perfect fit. What do y'all think? Wishing Y'all a happy easter celebration.... cheers....xoxo

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bringing back the BAGGIES!!!

Yea! Its a beautiful morning....Hope y'all had a good night?
Yaaay, I'm bringing the baggies back! This look really reminds me of dem baggy days, where you have to match up with pink sneakers and the likes,lol... My look is gangster, toun from the block look, but the hair still gives me the chicky look.. I cant explain how much I love this look, makes me feel easy, like i dont have to cat walk or wear something tight, I mean I did a lot of bouncing that turned heads you know, lool... Notice the bulge? yea right I'm adding weight.....looool....kmt. Well, I'm wearing a spag top on a boyfriend baggy denim with this camouflage high-heel-wedge sneakers.. You dont have to wait on an old trend to come alive before you bring it back, I mean never felt so good in an outfit like I did in this. Remember, fashions fade but style is eternal....and different strokes for different folks, this is a stroke i'm laaaavingggg.... Details of the shoe available below....Please do follow me on twitter@ddetoun instagram@tounaj keek@Toun_Aj ..... Have a fab day...cheers...xoxo

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What's your favorite look? Jacket on skater skirt or jumpsuit?

 What's your fave look? My fave look is the jacket with the skirt, I really cant explain why I prefer this look, but I just think it looks more organized. So which do you prefer? I like the way i accentuated the waist, kinda changed the look and made it look a little more sophisticated. For questions, pls kindly use the Q&S on F&S section.. Video of the outfit would be available shortly on KEEK..
BTW, If you see me rocking this look again, plss don't judge me (in Chris Brown's voice)I actually didn't rock it enough so permit me to re-rock, permission granted, please, kindly watch out for Tounajcouture's MAY collection,stunning stunning collection..
Have a good one dolls...cheers, xoxo

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Focus: High-heel-wedge sneakers

Hello dolls, This trend ''high-heel-wedge sneakers'' has been in for a while now, so I decided to change my regular look ''heels/girly look'' for this fab ''tomboyish look'' not entirely boyish though but I just love the look, feels really comfortable in the shoes, it's amazing the way I can look tomboyish in tomboyish high-heeled shoes, atleast its raising me a bit, loool. So, I decided to go all chic and black with this outfit, I love black anyday anytime, it stands out everytime. The sneakers are available at Duduskin, details below....cheers, xoxo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Casual Friday: loose shirt on ripped denim

Hello readers, been a tough few days battling with flu, guess its telling on my face,lol. Anyways, I decided to go casual with this outfit, I'm wearing a loose shirt on this ripped denim I just acquired, lol, love the blue shade of the shirt on the denim.  For those of you asking for where to get ripped denims, please check for details below...cheers....xoxo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wed expo: Nigeria's Largest wedding exhibition premiers tomorrow 21st March 2013

Nigeria's Largest Wedding Exhibition will start on Thursday March 21st to Sunday March 24th. Exhibitor booths for the 4 days are now sold out. WED Expo is a free to enter exhibition for

By popular demand the organizers have now opened a 2 days only participation for a cheaper rate. (Saturday and Sunday)

Full Booth for 2days Usually N130,000 now N100,000. Share a booth for N65,000. This rates are for Saturday and Sunday Participation only

Are you a wedding vendor? Don't wait any further.
Call - 07080220810 // 07001111933 // 08132816492

Also the organizers have stepped up the tempo for exhibitions in Nigeria as they are set to stream the exhibition and all activities live online.

You will be able to follow happenings at WED Expo on
on your computer, mobile phones or tablets all over the world.

This exhibition is managed by Innovo

Shop-these-looks @DUDUSKIN

 The buzz is still on, I'm wearing ''all outfits from duduskin'' you also can shop these looks at duduskin. Do you know jumpers are in vogue? I'm wearing a dogtooth jumper on a high-waisted pencil skirt- To rock a jumper? wear on anything high-waisted. Such a sexy style. Some styles can just never die, such as the white and black trend...Fashions fade but style is eternal...YSL... For details on store, view below...cheers...xoxo

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shop-this-look @ Duduskin.... camo blaze; still in

 Yo yo yo! STill up uploading this, Allow me to introduce to you ''DUdUSKIN'' I'm wearing DUDUSKIN, stunning and outstanding arrivals, I'm stunned by this outfit, the buzz on it is quite disturbing, lol, pls visit DUDUSKIN for your camo wears, and those of you asking for ripped denim, shes got really unique distressed denim, but you gottta hurry while stock last....ripped denims are scarce and now is the time to get yours.....looking for where to get yout camo chiffon tops, jackets skirts and pants, ripped denim and co? visit DUDUSKIN today 23 Opebi road, beside pentagonplaza ikeja Lagos, details available below.... More of duduskin coming to you soon, stay glued to #tounaj at me on twitter @ddetoun. instagram @tounaj, keek @Toun_Aj.... cheers.......xoxo

Monday, 18 March 2013

Throwback thursday: BF style...

 Im wearing a polo shirt in an orange jumper on a boyfriend denim+brogues... One of dem post i dumped  in my Just regular.......have a good one dolls

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Casual Friday-touch of blue

 Hello dolls, I wore this outfit as ''casuals''. My friday casual outfit... Im wearing a detailed collar shirt on a flared skater skirt, didnt wanna do black shoes and decided to opt for this court shoe and colour. I guess this is just casual.....
Pls remember to like my page, you can now follow me on keek @Toun_Aj, I'm excited about keek cos i just joined and i have my first 2videos up there, looool, You can also follow me on instagram @tounaj, twitter @ddetoun
Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Thursday, 14 March 2013

FP special: Worst dressed male-Jim Iyke

DAPPER??? yea right  i thought so too, until i looked down............why? He just shouldnt have, not for AMVCA noooooooo, not allowed, its not grammys or a fashion show, or industry night or iyanyas show or Bovi's show, and to top it all, he had an award to present and I could tell he wasnt even comfortable with this look,#justsayin# But should I say I'm not so surprised...Well i do not wanna know the other guys that dressed bad, but this is my worst....
Different strokes for different folks.... But I'm not the

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

FP Special: My 3 best dressed picks at AMVCA.

 I'm a bit confused about my picks, but so far, I think these are my best picks...
So lets start.........................................................................

FP special: My 3 Worst dressed picks at AMVCA(females)

 So, ermmm, these are my awesome picks as AMVCA's worst dressed...
Where do I start from?.........................................................................

Work Edition: Monochrome-lapel top+leather pencil skirt

Good morning to y'all, hope y'all had a good night? Well network has been greatly unfriendly.... Anyways, this is my work edition outfit, and in monochrome, I doubt if monochrome can ever go out of fashion...So I'm wearing a white and black tux on  lapel white and black top and on a leather skirt, I decided to put the top and tux together since they both have the same detailing. Notice my ponytail? yea, thats the hair for the weather, i feel so light and
Hve a good one dolls...cheers...xoxo

Monday, 11 March 2013

Pictures from the AMVC awards...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, took me hours uploading these pictures, network situation has been unimpressive, but thank goodness i succeeded. So I was at AMVC awards(Africa Magics Viewers Choice Awards) we talking about naija's Oscars ooo, I had a ball especially at the after party,  xclusive rocked the event, it was dope dope dope! No one was fronting, it was just  awesome, from the sweaty hot red carpet to the hall then after party, was all dope, guys looking dapper, few chics looking stunning, But the guys rocked it best.. I mean, I had fun, it was exclusive,lol,  doppers mehnnnnn.... one of a kind, very first AMVC in Africa, premiered in Lagos Naija, sponsored by Amstel Malta. Big ups to multichoice,  Africa Magic, Jara and co. Still recovering from the fun, dope doper doppesttttt...hahahhahahahaha...... These are few pictures from d event....was too carried away....lool... The peak of the event was when I met Hakeem, the hollywood actor, he was in 24 and many other movies,,yaaaay....was glad i met him.....loool

Friday, 8 March 2013

FashionPolice: Few faces at Iyanya's album launch

??? RATE THEM, JAILED,FINED,BAILED???(male and female)
 Dearest judges, here we go again, these pictures were from the Iyanya's album launch in Lagos. So we all can see vividly who rocked it, rocked it a little, who destroyed it and the disasters... Well these are few pictures from the event....I already questioned the pictures that got me wondering! and the few ones i think rocked it....Lets go...Bail? jail? or fine?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oversized shirt+ripped denim+gold accessories+court wedge

Hello dolls, a beautiful morning to y'all. So today I decided to wear a deep green loose shirt on this ripped denim, and complimented with a blue court wedge, my newbies, lol. Have a good one dolls...cheers....xoxo

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spotted: Soraya...Styleismything

Guess who this is? she premiered our fashion police section , her name is Soraya, an angolian based in the UK, BUT check out these pictures, she's got style, definition of real style. Asides the dress on pants picture move she pulled, she sure got some unique style...awwww....I'm stunned, I really like her style...Nice work....There are more pictures of her but I can't use all, but you can visit her blog ''styleismything'' to view her wonderful style.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dress designed by ''Toun AJ''

Good morning dolls, hope y'all had a wonderful weekend? Well I had an extremely packed weekend...I'm so excited to let y'all know this lovely embellished-power-shoulder-velvet-brocade-dress was designed by ME, Toun 'AJ'...I have tons of sketches I haven't even unleashed. The material is velvet, but has a brocade design and its stretchy. The dress has a heavily embellished power shoulders, the embellishments are mixed with tiny stones, beads, and swarovski stones of different shades of gold. Its a super midi dress, and has an invisible zip at the back and the down part of the dress serving as the slit, so the slit is invisble, you can either leave it zipped or unzipped thats if you want the slit to show.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Fashion Police...Peplum dress on straight cut pants

 Awwwwwwwwww!!! Someone recently sent me this fashionistas blogspot, she's got stunning styles, classy and really off the hook, but ermmmm, she got it wrong this time around, awwww, its sad to know shes ''premiering'' my fashion police section, but its all good, her LFW outfit pulled the effect. She's wearing a peplum dress on a straight cut pants, and a patterned outfit on another entirely different patterned shoe(busy-busy)...what do y'all think? She says ''shes inlove with taking risks'' This is sure a biiiig risk, but why????why???why???  I hand her over to y'all, y'all have the final say.......RATE her: Should she be FINED, BAILED, JAILED OR EXECUTED???
No one is above the law and I inclusive....looool
Have a good one dolls.....