Sunday, 23 March 2014

Newspaper Separates

Hello ladies, long silence? yea I know, but not completely my fault, I've been trying to put this up since last week, but network as been really terrible. 
So, last week we launched one of our awesome tounajwoman collection, the 'newspaper separates' which sold out completely on the first day. But we sold mostly the skirt in midi. We'll be having the skirt in another fabric soonest. For quicker updates, follow on instagram @tounajstore @tounaj
So again, how have y'all been? I've been super stressed  but still keeping it going. So here, I say a beautiful good night to y'all...Have a good one, xo

Photo credits to: Dami Abike Fademi

Separates by Toun AJ woman
Shoe by Jean Michel Cazabat
Bag by DKNY
Accessories from Toun AJ store


  1. lovely outfit. You look good as ever

  2. Beautiful! I love this fabric, I would have preferred a more streamlined skirt or a shorter full skirt.

  3. I love that you have fun with fashion, keep it up! Great blog! x x