Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hello ladies, hope you guys had a good week? can you define my look? oh well, maybe not. But that's what style is about, putting few pieces together to make it meaningful. Nuff said, I like the way I put all the pieces together to give an old school look. Believe it or not, almost all we wear these days have been worn back in the days, but maybe these days are a little refined.
I have a very funny picture of me y'all gotta see down here, it's the very last picture and oh boy, I almost slipped, all in the name of walking and pausing and my legs shaking cause I'm pausing to get a nice shot. You people think it's easy ehn, but it's really not. When I used to just take pictures everyday for the fun of it, it was effortless, but now that I have to take them to keep my blog going and also for you to be aware of my clothing line, it looks more like a workload but still fun though. Anyways, have a good one guys and have a lovely weekend...xoxo

Frames by Tom Ford
Shirt by Mango (From Mango)
Dungarees by Authentic denim premium ss14
Jacket by Zara (Old)
Shoe by Zara ''trafaluc'' (From: Black Armani bbpin 25B4DE4A)


  1. You look good when you smile. Smile more

    1. True. Look like a movie vallain without your smile.

    2. Yeah true, don't want U giving us the look of a movie villain

  2. Love your outfit!

  3. wow... this outfit is just so onpoint... u rock... please follow back.. much luv

  4. I love the sunshades *love love*

  5. ...and that last pic is sure my best pic. Loool