Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Black and Gold: One in two

 Good morning dolls, how's your week coming up? I wore this outfit on monday. Do you know I'm wearing a dress as a top?Yes dont think all short dresses should only be worn as short dresses, you can try out the ones you hardly wear and wear them as tops. It's a hooded dress btw on a flared skirt, black and gold is really big at the moment. AND, the shoes are gorgy, interested in the shoes, check out the details below, after the last picture.. Have a good one...xoxo

Dress by: Zack London
Skirt by: H&M
Shoe by: Doll House (from: Larrit Shoe village, BBpin: 25D07A6D, 08023431875)
Purse by: Hermes


  1. i love this ..... i want the skirt ...xx

  2. i love this ..... i want the skirt ...xx

  3. Nice Tounaj.
    Come feature on my blog. I'll send you an email. OK?