Friday, 23 August 2013

Appealing Street Style

WOW! I'm really tired, I've been on these pictures since yesterday till now, I really don't understand why it took this long, I had to edit all the pictures 3 times, wasn't just getting it right. Anyways, nuff said, I'm sure some of you who follow me on instagram @tounaj would have seen the preview of this outfit and also, I want every single follower to know y'all mean so much to me, and I'm really thankful... So, I wore this outfit some days ago, I'm wearing a studio crop top on a super-hugging-midi skirt with this unique court shoe, this is one of my best outfits, I had a stress free day in this outfit maybe because I'm dropping some weight, yaay!
I can't really explain how beautiful I felt and please permit me to wear this complete outfit again. lool.. Enough of the psyches, so, how are my beautiful dolls doing today? Hope you are all having a beautiful day?mine is a bit lazy, but I don't mind...Have a good one dolls, xoxo

Top by: Zara
Skirt by: H&M (from Top Fashion: bbpin 24C0F8F7)
Shoe by: Zara
Accesories by: Forever 21
Belt from: Indigo Boutique
(Interested in the top and shoe?You can get them in 10 days or less, add Armani on BBPIN: 2912ADBB)

Thanks for viewing


  1. love the material of the skirt & the shirts draping.. you look great in black & white


  2. i'd second that.. one of the best outfit i've seen you on. Nice one darl.

  3. Always on top....U killed it here.Nice blog.I need a favour,what cream can u recommend for me with a light toning effect.Am lite in complexion,I just want it even,u knw Naija sun rays nah.Looking forward to ur response.Thanks

  4. FIERCE !!!!!!!!
    I love it !!

  5. i suggest u start a youtube channel