Thursday, 31 July 2014


 I know it's quite late but I have to put this up now before I get busy. How did your week go? Just brightening up my week with so many colors and I'm wearing a dress as a top. I hope y'all have a good weekend. Have a good one. xo

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mild Camouflage

 A lot of people guess white is my favorite colour, no doubt, they are right. Because it's one of my fave colours. Notice the way the skirt blended well with the shoe? That's my mild camouflage. As soon as I saw this shoe, I fell completely in love with it that I had to get it in pink as well. It was strictly on order and not available in store. 

How are my ladies? I suppose ''awesome''. Using this medium to also wish my muslim viewers ''happy ramadan'' Have a good one guys and don't forget to check out the store today for new arrivals. Have a good one, xo

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wide leg crop Jumpsuit

Hello ladies, how are you? haven't blogged in a while because of the weather, the frequent rainy days have been quite discouraging, even on this day it rained. But luckily for me, when I decided to take these pictures there was sunlight. Anyways, how have you guys been? its such a cool sunday and I'm loving every bit of it. I posted some videos up on instagram @tounaj about 2 boys who sang and rapped about their experiences as bully-victims on ''Britains got talent''. Very touching lyrics, you need to pay attention and listen properly to the lyrics to get the message. Do you think the parent are responsible for kids who bully? should we blame ''kids who bully'' on parents or on the kids??? Check out the videos on instagram @tounaj and share your views,
I'm wearing a wide leg crop jumpsuit. Sometimes it's better loose...(winks)
Have a good one...xo

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Barely there

Hmm, the pictures didn't really do justice to this outfit but I'm sure you can still manage and view the ones you can. How are my ladies? and who hasn't been to the store to check out our new arrivals? The store is breathing a lot of trending styles, you might wanna come see for yourself. We've styled individuals, celebrants, contestants and lots more. You might wanna check us out soonest before we run out again. Have a good one good people, and xo

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hello ladies, the wait is finally here! New trending arrivals tomorrow 7th July at Toun AJ store 113 awolowo way (beside mobil airport hotel) Ikeja Lagos. 
A sneak peek into what we have, skousers, crop tops, tees, lacey tops, dresses, solange inspired peplum hem dress, bralets, separates (crop top and matching skirt), skater midi skirts, high waisted denim/ankle grazer. bodysuits in different designs, open back tops, lacey skirts, lacey jumpsuit, court shoes, mules, pastel coloured shoes and clothes and lovely accessories. I can't begin to name all, but one advice DO NOT MISS OUT THIS WEEK, because what you like might be gone tomorrow and free styling too. 
It's tomorrow ladies. Tell a friend to tell a friend....Have a good one, xo

Friday, 4 July 2014


That moment when you have to hold your hair brush everywhere you go because of the untidy look the wind gives you. I had to keep brushing and still didn't get it right, I was kinda pissed though.
How are my ladies? Told you some days ago that lace is really big now, I've been loving all the lace pieces I've been seeing and I sure got some for sale, and just to also let you know, new arrivals would hit the store on monday, 7th July. I can't begin to tell you all the lovely pieces we'll have but it would be better you come see for yourself. It's best you come early enough and don't postpone, because what you like might be gone on that very day. So save the date and tell a friend to tell a friend. Toun AJ store 113 awolowo way Ikeja Lagos. 07044002092. Have a good one guys, xo

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ankle Grazer

 It was such a sunny day but a cup of strawberry slush kept me going. I can't really define this shoot, but erm, it was a playful one, and I think I like the outcome of it even though I had the ''serious look'' in some. 
I'm wearing a low back playsuit and an ankle grazer denim with this drop dead gorgeous' stillsss'', Bodysuits are pretty in now, matched up with ankle grazers/ high-waisted denim as seen in these pictures. Toun AJ store would be having them and more in store next week monday,7th July at 113 awolowo way Ikeja Lagos 07044002092. Be there and tell a friend to tell a friend. Have a good one guys. xo

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Oops! Sorry about the picture quality,you can always ZOOM in  if I appear too tiny in the pictures, my little small girl couldn't go professional with my camera. 
Anyways, how are my ladies doing? do you know our new arrivals is hitting the store next week? hoo-la-la! You don't wanna miss the amazing collections, the new arrivals are breath-taking and this outfit is just a sample. Save it all up for next week, you won't be disappointed. 
PS: pictures of ''some'' of the items will be displayed on IG @tounajstore. To order. send an email and pictures to

And BTW, lace is big now, and i'll bring to you lots of post on lace. Have a good one and good morning. xo