Thursday, 3 October 2013

Nude tone

Good morning ladies, how is the week coming up? mine isn't so bad, I pulled a daring look with this backless maxi dress, firstly, I'm a lover of anything nude and I decided to run the all nude ensemble. There's sexiness attached to the colour nude, it has a really classy feel on the body tone. Wish you all a great weekend ahead, have a good one, xoxo

Dress by: H&M (Top Fashion Store, 24 Allen avenue, Ikeja. BBPin: 24C0F8F7 07080172940)
Shoe by: Zara (Black Armani BBpin: 2912ADBB)
Gold belt: Indigo Boutique, awolowo way Ikeja)


  1. Very beautiful.. I love it

  2. really love this and your hair is my fav