Sunday, 10 November 2013

Drama Queen

 Hi ladies, how are you preparing for another week? I presume mine would be action packed.  I'm not a drama queen literally, but a drama queen when it comes to my style. So I'm sure my viewers can tell I love a little drama in everything I wear , if there aint drama, I'm not So as soon as I saw this shirt on ASOS I could really picture myself in it even though I have alot of ways to wear it. So this is NO1 out of many. Hope you guys are having a good one? Happy viewing...xoxo

Shirt by ASOS
Pants by Mango (Mango Ikeja Mall, Lekki Mall)
Sandal by Zara
Bag by Chanel (le boy)
Earrings by Topshop (Old)
Lipstick by MAC-Cyber (Mac Ikeja Mall)


  1. Hey boo, nice one as usual. But u didn't remember to give a back view so we can see how the shirt looks.

  2. Gorgeous outfit!
    Love the top.
    The ways it can be worn.... If only!