Monday, 14 October 2013

Shades of Wine

 Hello ladies, how did your weekend go and how well are you looking forward to the break? I wore this outfit on sunday and decided to put some wine pieces together. 3 shades on wine, sometimes you can get a look right by putting some shades together to get an outstanding look. I'm sure y'all would be wondering ''why the frequent hats''? well, this past weekend, I had this hairstyle on that got my scalp extremely weak, so had to take it off quickly, so right now, Toun Aj's scalp is, asides that, I love hats and I have quite a number. Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Shirt by Zara (Old)
Skirt by H&M
Hat by Mango
Purse by Mango
Shoe by Buffalo London (Old)