Thursday, 15 August 2013

Boy dripping swaggu

  Hello dolls, how are y'all doing? I'm doing great thank you. Sorry for the late post...Today I completely did the denim dress down, I wore this outfit out and was bent on using my ''most eyed location'' in Lagos. Gradually, I'm overcoming the shyness attached to taking pictures in public especially when you see some followers coming around, lool. I used to pass through this location a lot but never summed up the courage to use it, but today, I was hell-bent on using it. I hope you enjoy it, happy viewing, xoxo

Jacket by: H&M
Denim by: Zara
Women Tees
Shoes by: Steve Madden
Watch by: Cartier
Accessories by: F21

Photo Credits to: Dy Clay


  1. Tres Lovely. The shades are from??? Smoking hawt. Sorta thot ud complete the look with a sneaker wedge.#iLike

  2. Such a cute boyish look love it