Friday, 11 October 2013


Good morning ladies and thank God it's friday. How did your week go?hope great? because mine was awesome thank you. Take a close look at this picture and detach the accessories I have on. I'm sure most of you would be able to do that. Oh well. I wore this top and skirt and felt it looked a bit too office-like and regular, so I searched to see what I could put together to give it a fierce look, I was able to come out with a cape on the shirt and ''a corset tummy belt with peplum'' on the skirt and then the medium size hat. And behold, I stopped looking simple. lol. Accessories are a big part of clothing, they add so much effect to what you are wearing, giving it so much grace. And by the way, black and gold is still a very hot trend, and in my wardrobe, they've taken over. 
PS: Just to let y'all know Toun AJ's Blog will be ONE on October 15, yaaaay! We've really come this far and I'm happy we could actually make it this far, and by the way, this is just the beginning. Please follow me on instagram @tounaj, twitter @tounajj

Have a good one guys, xoxo

Shirt by Zara (Old)
Skirt by H&M (Old)
Shoe by Medea (Old)
Hat by Epoch Hats Company (From Indigo Boutique)
Cape (Old)
Corset Belt by Kikiriki (From Indigo Boutique)
Frames by Ray Ban (Old)
Ring accessories (From Indigo Boutique)
Watch by Cartier (Old)

Photo Credits to: DY Clay


  1. Toun pls where can i get d cape accessory

  2. I love love love the accessories and the makeup, cooool!!

  3. I love love love the accessories and the makeup, cooool!!

  4. The cape is super gorgeous!