Friday, 22 February 2013

Focus: Jacquard pants+Navy blue Jacket

Hello dolls, hope u had a great week? i did...
So, I'm wearing this lovely jacquard straight cut pants, I dont know, but of all the jacquard pants I have, this seems to be my favourite. I love the cut, fits perfectly... So I decided to add a touch of navy blue on the ''all plain colour outfit'' and i think the touch stood out....
Have a good one dolls...xoxo


Jacket by: Zara
Pants by: H&M
Shirt by: H&M
Shoe by: Zara


  1. Nice combo!!! Love the jacket....#toluowaj#

  2. I Love!I Love!I Love! Quick question, can a flat assed gal pull dis off?

  3. This babe shaaaaaa.nice combo.ibo lo tin ri owo(where u dey get ur money)