Monday, 4 February 2013

One of my ''NOT FEELING MYSELF DAYS'' Grey on purple

This is one of the days i say: ''I'M NOT FEELING MYSELF'' you can even tell from my facial expressions, the fake smile, feeling umcomfortable, loool....
Grey on purple blend so well. When you put these colours together, It stands out, The inner isnt purple but navy But because the navy blue shade is so close to the purple,it kind of looks like its purple. u know, one of those

Jacket by: Asos
Pants by: H&M
Shoes by:ALDO
Inner top by: New look


  1. cheer up darlin

  2. Not feeling urslf? Re u kidding me ? Sure u re....u look as beautiful as always

  3. Even with you not feeling yourself, you still look great Toun.

  4. I mean I love dis! U not feeling u yea??? U kidding mi.