Saturday, 9 February 2013

WorkAppeal: Work Edition

Look at Fit

“It’s all about the right fit," says designer Christian Siriano. "You want your clothes to fit appropriately, to be comfortable, but still look like you really put it on in the morning. You weren’t just like, ‘Oh I have to wear this blazer today to work,’ and you put on this frumpy blazer. You want to put on something that really fits you and looks amazing. Sometimes you can have the most basic items, but if they don’t fit right, it’s just not appropriate, and for work, that’s an important thing

Try a Kitten Heel

“Those giant shoes look so wrong in the office. It looks contrived. It’s one thing if you’re out at night and you’re teetering around in your heels, but during the day in the office it looks out of place and wrong,". "I prefer a kitten heel. Or even an aggressive heel, as long as it doesn’t feels like she can’t walk or run. I like to feel like a woman can actually run away from a predator.”

Add Your Personality

“Always try to add a little bit of personality, even if you’re just wearing office basics like a button down and a pencil skirt,". "What can you do to put your own spin on it? Is it a fun pair of heels? A really great piece of jewelry? Something to do with your make-up? Is it a bold lip? Anyway that you can spin in your own style personality, do so!”

Layer Up!

“Layers. Whether you’re going in and out of an office or straight from work out to dinner, I think that layering is key.

Always Have Fun

“Don’t look too appropriate where you’re not looking stylish "It’s always good to have fun with how you dress. Know the limits, but it’s good to experiment and test new ideas.”

Try a Power Jacket

“Every working woman should have a great power jacket, "And I really love women wearing men's shirts. I think it's the sexiest thing.”

Use Your Basics Wisely
“Erring on the side of underdressed is best, overall "For me, I feel like as many times as you can work jeans into a dressed-up work outfit, the better.”

Elongate Your Legs
“It’s all about long legs even if you don’t have them"Wear leggings with a same color shoe or pair a thigh high boot with a legging. Monochromatic—play around with the colors.” 

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