Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pyjamas-lapel top+skater skirt

 Good morning dolls, It's been really tough with the network for some days, but thank God it's back on now. So, I'm wearing pyjamas-lapel top on a skater skirt...If you scroll down, you'll see the arrow identifying what a lapel is.  Pyjamas tops are pretty not available ATM, but i must say, they are pretty classy. I like the chic, simple look....The chunky bracelet I'm wearing now is pretty in. It also comes as a neckpiece...

Top by: H&M
Skirt by: RI
Shoes by: Devious


  1. Poshlady T,Nice outfit......Av always trusted ur sense of fashion back in OAU days.Keep it up ma'am.

  2. Hi Toun can i wear a sleeveless white top on a skater skirt? i have a very colourful one and each time i want to wear it, i end up removing it cos i feel all the tops are not nice on it. i'm wearing it to the office, the skirt has a dark blue background, pink and white. my office is the type you can dress down even on a monday.

    1. Hey doll! Sure u can wear with sleeveless, just make sure the top is plain! Preferably, white!

  3. funny how toun aj's blog is d first thing i open every morning @work. keep it up b.

  4. U're indeed a fashionista.U've gat poise,carriage,swag,d panache,d attitude.swt@U rock.Luk 4ward 2 u being my personal stylist.Hpe ur fees re love.

  5. love dz skirt, saw d one with stripes at mrprice, goin to get it asap....u look hawt...!

  6. yea, Toun aj's blog is d first tin i open in d office leavin my mails unread. ur dress sense is muahhhhh and u inspire me a great deal. kudos

  7. yea Toun aj's blog is d first page i open @ wok, leavin my mails unread. ur dress sense is muaaaaaah and u inspire me a great deal. kudos