Wednesday, 13 March 2013

FP Special: My 3 best dressed picks at AMVCA.

 I'm a bit confused about my picks, but so far, I think these are my best picks...
So lets start.........................................................................

Lets start with Omotola,  I adore her dress from the back, I mean suits her so well, fits her figure, Just perfect for her body type and shape......

 Funke Akindele(Jenifa) I think the dress is just awesome, I mean i saw the dress live on her and the first thing  i said to myself is ''this dress is gonna be on my best dressed list'' now these are my reasons, the dress has a unique style, the baby power sleeves, the embellishment and the unique choice of colour. The only comma is her tummy area, I think she should have packed it well so as to give her a perfect figure in other to bring out the real shape of the dress, but regardless I love the dress and its something I can wear cos I'm a die hard fan of power shoulders, there's just something about power shoulders, gives you that edgy, classy, I-AM-HERE look....Nice one funky
 What did you think this upper part was? A lingerie? a nice short dress? Well, scroll down and see what the dress looks like...I really love the dress, but I love the down part, I think the upper part would have been better without the straps, maybe boob tube or mono would have made it look better than this. Dont get be wrong, regardless Its one of my best...I love the down part, I love the drama going on on the red carpet, and yes i love train dresses, so its a pass mark for me. But if i had this dress, it would have been in a boob tube, mono or alter/cross-back...Thats for me....Nice one girl

Now, its difficult to choose one, but ermmmmmm, the 3rd girl is still my best regardless of the strap, I just love the simplicity in her dress, its simple, but then drammatic, I love the choice of colour, It looks great on her, her body type, perfect.....
My picks does not have to be the same as yours dolls, those are my picks, yours can either be different or the same, remember its different strokes for different folks....Have a good one dolls...xoxo

 Stephanie Okereke
Image credits to: Bella naija
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