Friday, 8 March 2013

FashionPolice: Few faces at Iyanya's album launch

??? RATE THEM, JAILED,FINED,BAILED???(male and female)
 Dearest judges, here we go again, these pictures were from the Iyanya's album launch in Lagos. So we all can see vividly who rocked it, rocked it a little, who destroyed it and the disasters... Well these are few pictures from the event....I already questioned the pictures that got me wondering! and the few ones i think rocked it....Lets go...Bail? jail? or fine?
Ermmmm, the inner??? what's it about? no comments
 Too much detailing....
 Wrong from head to toe...
 That hair?

 That hat?cap? comments...
Best dressed so far male and female

 My candidate for best dressed. simple and chic in Herve Ledger, really simple and sophisticated...

 My candidate for best dressed male, simple and dapper...dope dope! @bankywellington
 I like his young funky look... suits his personality...

Rate them and lets pick who rocked best male and female category and who destroyed it.... cheers....xoxo



  1. Adetoun dear, where is your picture? cos i know u attended with the velvet dress and bella naija loved your gown(me too) so add your self amoung the best dressed.

  2. there is a mistake in your best dressed for female..... ( you didnt add yourself)lol But you killed it with your outfit babes....

  3. banky rocked it well

  4. why did that babe wear boob inner? and shes showing it off

  5. exactly, wheres ur pic, all these ones are crap, tho banky rockrd it sha. and d dj guy

  6. the white is my pick

  7. D lady wearing d pink leggins, pink n orange top destroyed it! How dare she.. See her belle! Pardon me! Like serzly did any1 see her leaving home? Jailed! Life in prisonment with no possibility of parole!

  8. Yes! Toun you didn't add yourself ,but some other fashion bloggers thinks you one amongs other best dressed female in that event.Your outfit wow them

  9. Toun wt did yhu wear na?let's seee yhu jhur! Can't stop laughing at all d worst dressed,they look terrible........loool