Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shop-this-look @ Duduskin.... camo blaze; still in

 Yo yo yo! STill up uploading this, Allow me to introduce to you ''DUdUSKIN'' I'm wearing DUDUSKIN, stunning and outstanding arrivals, I'm stunned by this outfit, the buzz on it is quite disturbing, lol, pls visit DUDUSKIN for your camo wears, and those of you asking for ripped denim, shes got really unique distressed denim, but you gottta hurry while stock last....ripped denims are scarce and now is the time to get yours.....looking for where to get yout camo chiffon tops, jackets skirts and pants, ripped denim and co? visit DUDUSKIN today 23 Opebi road, beside pentagonplaza ikeja Lagos, details available below.... More of duduskin coming to you soon, stay glued to #tounaj at tounaj.blogspot.com.......follow me on twitter @ddetoun. instagram @tounaj, keek @Toun_Aj.... cheers.......xoxo



23 opebi rd, 2nd floor beside pentagon plaza ikeja Lagos. 1 Ajayi street opp custom bustop off onike rd yaba Lagos, 9 femi pearse off adeola odeku VI , flatB


  1. just one word, stunning! Your body sure knows how to make these outfits look good.

  2. I love your background concept. Have u ever worked with the military? Lol nice one girl
    Fidson Photography

  3. Was going to say that too, feeling the concept, very unlike toun aj, outfit blends right with the background. Plus, the outfit is a killer. Sexy and all, I'm sure if I saw this on a mannequin, will just ignore, good way of advertising for these boutiques. Rock on, temi

  4. I need this outfit for a video

  5. Was gonna ask if u were in d villa,looool.nice outfit doll, but pls next time don't use a rubber band on d tip of ur pony-tail. Its unsightly. There are fashionable ones....Rock on Toun

  6. Loving d look but not feeling d choice of footwear, it looks outta place. Keep it up gal.