Monday, 17 June 2013

Bright in white and checkers

Good morning dolls, can you spot a difference in the quality of my pictures? We've upgraded, lol. Anyways, how was your weekend? mine was cool. Just sharing the details of my outfit. I'm wearing all white, and just added a touch of black, not all black though, but checkers white and black. This is my very first white shoes, never thought I could own a white shoe, but I'm so inlove with this sandals. Deets of my outfit available below...Have a good one dolls..xoxo

Labels: Mango, H&M, Riverisland


  1. really love the picture quality and i love your your white shoe,keep shining

  2. As white as snow.
    You look gorgeous babes
    Http : / /

  3. Monochrome car too...nice!

  4. classy!!