Monday, 3 June 2013

My short hair swag+my dress by Toun Aj couture

 Hello dolls, how has your day been? Just wanna quickly share these pictures of my outfit and my new hair style, so what do you think about the hair? different? I thought so too, feeling free and odd in it though, Sometimes i wear a look for a reason, and you will get to know why later. So,I wore this dress to a wedding over the weekend and I really felt myself in it. It was a bright perfect day for this gorgeous perfect dress and I'm wearing tounajcouture.
This dress is going to be strictly on order, if you are interested, pls email me or call 08124602599. Have a good one dolls...cheers...xoxo

 What do you think of this make-up? I look moulded don't I? Looking 2times fairer than my usual colour, I wont tell you the

Dress by: Tounaj Couture


  1. Gorgeous dress! Flawless make-up.
    Different's good. Not a fan of the pixie cut cos I love ur long weaves (maybe God will touch u to sow one o them into my life, lol), but you look amazing!

  2. U did dat jlo outfit u said u were gonna make,dis is lovely,very lovely.I love d fact dat u added ur own ajasa to it.weldone babe

  3. will be great if u share what u use i.e makeup/skincare with ur readers. and also make it a point to tell us wat designer u are wearing, and if it can be bought online, share the links too... to me, this is what beauty blogging is all about.

    1. Hey doll, I always tell the designer im wearing especially if u scroll down to the end of the page, and this post already states who I'm wearing which is tounajcouture. As for beauty blogging, it's actually a fashion blog doll, I find it hard to answer beauty questions as to what skincare product I can prescribe and stuff. But, if u use the question and answer section which is Q&S on F&S your questions might be rightly answered there or send am email to If I buy online, I'll surely put a link. Pls free to ask any question by sending an email to d above address or using the above section. Have a good one. Cheers! X

  4. love this look!! too cute