Monday, 24 June 2013

The dots+the check+the contrast by tounajwoman

 Hello dolls, how did y'all enjoy your weekend? well, I had a good time. So this is the outfit I wore to church, I'm wearing tounajwoman suit and shirt. I really love the contrast, the checkers on polka dot and the black button on the burnt orange suit. Do you know suits are really in vogue now? But in unique and funky colours. I'm sure this will appeal to some workers. If you love and want this outfit, email, price very reasonable!!!
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Have a good one dolls, xoxo

Labels: tounajwoman, Christian Louboutin
Purse from: Duduskin: PIN 2AA1320E


  1. Keep it up @TounAJWoman..... U doing very well babe...

  2. Lovely..I absolutely love it all and you look great hun x

  3. Love this look!