Monday, 13 May 2013

Stripes on leopard print+Neon

What a rainy day, Good morning dolls, hope y'all had a fantastic weekend? Well, this is the outfit of the day, I'm wearing this striped jacket on a leopard print shirt and a neon maxi skirt out today. I like the contrast in prints and the pop of neon which made the outfit look bright for the somewhat dark weather. What other shoes can grace this outfit if not this gorgeous strappy heels. Note that if you want to mix prints, you gotta mix it well so you wont look too clumsy. Have a fantastic day dolls and above all, stay warm. Cheers, xoxo

Jacket by: Mango
Shirt by: H&M
Shoes by: Zara


  1. rare sense of dtyle, i like the way u put it all together all d time, realy rare and craetive. i like d clash in prints. nice one

  2. i agree, she does it well, never thought two prints could go well, but i admire it on u

  3. lovely, not sure ill have d liver to wear this, but it looks really nice on u aj. lolly

  4. Love the clash of prints.