Friday, 10 May 2013

Walking the lane in stripes...

 Hello dolls, I've been MIA but I'm back. What a cool morning, what other outfit can grace this beautiful weather if not walking the lane in stripes of yellow and white/white and black... Stripes are really in vogue right now, bold stripes and checkers. They are taking over the fashion industry, designers like Louis Vuitton and the likes are really using alot of checkers and stripes this season. So, I decided to match up two different colors of stripes (yellow and white and black and white) to create a contrast. Have a lovely day dolls, cheers. xoxo

Jacket by: Mango
Top by: BB Jeans
Pants by: Mango
Shoes by: Christian Louboutin


  1. Nice as always!!!muah

  2. This looks cool....Duchess!

  3. Classy as usual.......Muah

  4. You are so fab! J'adore