Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lace wig BANGS--Cut to BANGS!!!!!!!

 For a looooong time now, I have had bangs off, so now i decided to have bangs on, lool. What do you think of this new look? Its a lacewig bangs...This is a lacewig I stopped using for a while now,so i decided to cut to bangs. I'm sure there a number of you with lacewigs you dont use or like anymore, I'll advice you don't dispose or abandon, just cut to bangs, just like I cut the other lacewig to a boy-cut lacewig. There are a million and one ideas you can use so long as u keep your things, cos u never can tell, you might just need it some day. Just like one of my readers told me she immediately fetched out her old hipsters now called ''flared pants'' as soon as she saw me rocking it....Style is eternal....
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Cheers and have a good one..xoxo


  1. I loooooove d bangs,wld try it *wink wink*

  2. fine girl, u rock

  3. i reallly appreciate your creativity girl

  4. true def of a true fashionista

  5. girl if i hear say u stop ehn. il shoot u, cos u inspire me alot and not only me, alot of people that can testify to this. without looking at ur page in a day, im not myself, that is how i get my everyday look, and my husband these days compliments greatly on my dress sense now, he says i look different these days, im really happy i met ur blog, and thanks for makimng me once again appreciated by my husband. im very grateful. il appreciate if u reply me pls, i know its somehow to reply comments but il apprecaite it if u reply, it would confirm that u read this. God bless u today, tomorrow and forever.... Omolola

    1. Wow, I'm really touched, People like u do inspire me, thanks for the wonderful comments, you really rock and may God continue to keep and bless your union. Thanks dolls, I appreciate this. Have a good one..xoxo

  6. Radiant is d word. you inspire me a whole lot Toun Ajiboye. Nice one. Ada #x feggite#

  7. I'm gonna send ur pics to Linda Ikeji's blog as beauty of the day very soon.. And as for anon 19:09, I'm rili happy for U.God will continue to protect and guide your union.Toun,I love your blog and dts my fav hair u av on.I love it! Hugs*

  8. She's so pretty. Loll. Yes o beauty of the day.