Saturday, 11 May 2013

My way of wearing an HIJAB...

Good morning dolls. Hope you had a stress free week? So, I'm dressed all black and also decided to use my scarf in a way that won't be obvious I'm using one. Looks more like I'm wearing ''hoods'' but its just a smart and stylish way of making a quick ''hood''. I accentuated my waist with a slim belt so it can  grip the scarf to my waist. As you all know, style is really rare, it's not something you can buy, you can have all the clothes in the world and still not look good, style is inside, style is art, style is natural and style is all about being you. I'm all about pushing fashion and style forward, so to all my ladies that rock ''hijabs'', let's funkify it and look stylish....Have  a good one dolls...cheers, xoxo

Pants by: Zara
Bag by: Zara
Top by: Von Mozart
Scarf from: Mr Price


  1. Creativity.

  2. Nice one. Very creative. Keep it up

  3. very very very nice, me tryin dis next friday.

  4. Wow am so wearing this--------*****running to mr price to get my scarf.tanks toun

  5. Toun of life! Saw u yesterday on agidingbi road. U looked hot in ur Range car.