Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Shop-this-look@TopFashion..Purple shirt+lemon detail lilac skirt

 I'm wearing a purple shirt on a lemon band detail lilac skirt with a stainless steel cap toe court shoe. I really love this look, looks kind of cool and unique especially with the choice of colours.

 Shirt by: H&M (TopFashion)
Skirt by: H&M(TopFashion)
Shoe by: Zara( Top Fashion)
Purse by: Jimmy Choo

TopFashion Boutique, No24 Allen Avenue ikeja, Lagos
08108842207, 08094001159


  1. I bless d day i got to know about ur blog and may God bless d friend dat introduced me to it.

  2. I love all abt Toun's fashion she got a great fashion sense!!!!!But my toun am just concerned abt u tho its not my bizness n som pple wld condemn me 4 dis but i must say it.I just wanna knw if u only model dis clothes 4 dis shops or u buy all dis clothes....I don't knw wot ur income is but my dear Toun save ur money 4 ur unborn babies n family....I fink ur spending 2 much on clothing dat is if ur buying off d clothes....But if ur only modeling cool.I'm sori if I've hurt u.

    1. Hey doll! When I say "shop-my-look" or shop-this-look, I'm saying u can get this exact look at the above named store, so ma'am, I style up their clothes, not buy them, they dress me up!

  3. Nice reply u got 4 her dear

  4. She jus asked innocently tho and she even apologised.....nice combo btw

  5. Tnx Toun n anno 9;19 u hv reli shown ur maturity!!! N 2 d other prsn lol no comment.

  6. You look fab doll,am drooling ova ur combo i want that skirtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  7. How pple won't mind their business!