Monday, 3 December 2012

Boyfriend style II

 So i told you i was going to get down with some BF styles. But do you know some guys dress exactly like this? This is a boyfriend look. Takes a trendy sister to pull this off, and believe me, it's so easy to pull off. Just a shirt, a knee length shorts and brogues. The hat is optional, just funkifying the


Shirt by: Nara Camicie
Pants by: RI
Hat by: Atmosphere
Shoes by: Misbehave


  1. such a rare gift

  2. na wa o. was just about to make a comment. u una non dey sleep.. this is tounfever o. i didnt know we were plenty that used to stay up all night sleeping and waking up on her blog.

  3. Dis is so cool n I love it.

  4. Hey toun nice one! U rilly beat it down doing d boyfriend tinnz nd u still look dis fabulous! Excellent I swear u re rep_ing! Much luv mummy jay

  5. It takes a lot of self-confidence to pull dis off and believe me girl,u really rocked dat outfit.u look beautiful.u should have ur own modelling agency.*smile*

  6. Nice,it can be worn wv a sneakers,if u don't wanna wear brogues yea?

    1. Hey doll! sure, since its a boyish look. Maybe with TOMS etc

  7. babalola olajumoke5 December 2012 at 04:13

    thumbs up toun...u rilly FEGGI alumni

  8. babalola olajumoke5 December 2012 at 04:17

    thumbs up toun..u rilly FEGGI

  9. Yeah, U can say that again. FEGGI gals rock!
    Faniran Dammy