Monday, 3 December 2012

Navy blue on white...

 Have you tried your navy blue on white? hmm, they walk hand in hand for this season. Most times people tend to wear navy blue on blue or on navy blue. But it usually appears not this catchy. Try your navy blue on white and you'll see what im talking about. The dark effect on the white is pretty nice. And this week, i'll be doing few  boyfriend styles because of my hair cut, I believe its the perfect hair for this weather.  And believe it or not, it's a short boycut lace wig. Now, let me leak out the secret of this lace wig... I got hold of an old lace wig and gave it to my hair stylist to cut it for me, so i didnt get it ready made, i invented it...hahaha, now there are loads of ladies doing the same. If you are tired of your lace wig, dont dump it, pick it up and go cut it...I've used it over 7times. And if you dont have, buy a ten inches or 12 and cut...

 So, today, i wore a navy blue shirt with spike gold buttons and I'm wearing it on a white wide leg loose pants. Navy blue is actually rolling in...

Shirt by: Mango
Pants by: Mango
Dress by: Asos


  1. woooow. u are talented o. how did u just think of the idean of cutting ur lace wig? ive hd mine that i havent used in a year. omg, im so happy i can try something new with it. i lovge u gal, u rock o. chineke. ur talent is rare, so creative

  2. Nice one fashionista frnd..u rock always..dazzle

  3. Toun were do u mk ur hair? Alw luks so perfect, thumbs up gal, u r doin a great job,kip it up, u will go places.

    1. Asherz, opposite GTBank bank on Opebi

  4. Nice one.....When I'm ready to cut my lace wig...wudnt mind to give ya hairstylist yur bag cut my nerve...lovely..#ToluOwaj#

  5. You don dey lik lik Micheal Jackson ooo.....hhehehhehehehehe.esp de 1st pic.lolz. Luv u babe

  6. Nice! Nice! Luvly......bee*

  7. Your bag!its beautiful pls where did you get it? And wat designer is it?