Friday, 23 November 2012

Cool and interesting

 I love the colours together, cool and interesting colours

Blazer by: H&M
Top by: Jane Norman
Skirt by: Atmosphere
Shoe by: Fiona


  1. Wow...lukin so chicky...nice luk

  2. This is a reply to this post: Just an observation, i like you personally but if you really want this blog to grow proffesionally it is advisable you dont lie about your style, if you run a blog about style and fashion you are supposed to put it all out there, not lie about the sources of what you wear. check out the really big style blogs they tell you where you can get what they are wearing with real links, if you are not comfortable enough to let people share your style then you have no business running a style blog, think about that. you can chose not to allow others see this comment but at least you get to read it and ponder on it.

    Hey doll!
    Lying about my style: well, I really don't. Maybe if u are not anonymous u can point some out.

    Lying about sources: I lie about no source. And if I'm correct, you are trying to say I should refer people to where I get my stuffs. Now, most times I do not get my stuffs here and some that I get here, I have a defined relationship with the boutiques and CLEARLY they've placed adverts which isn't for free so that way, I refer people to them, to be very sure, check out my blog on "web version" there, you will see some few stores I've liased with. I want to believe U are a shop owner and maybe someway I've patronized u before, but why not let's talk business, rather than post something u are not sure of. If u want me to advertise for u, be my guest. That ALONE will I refer people to you.

    Other professional bloggers: most of them get clothed and paid by stores more reason why they link them up with these stores. Its sure not for free. So don't expect me to do less. If u own a store, contact me and let's talk business not criticize.

    NOTE: other stores are coming up soon, so if you really want to be a part of this, email me as soon as you can.That way, people will get to shop a lot of what I wear.


  3. Nice look
    Mi liky Mi liky mi liky