Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Oops! Sorry about the picture quality,you can always ZOOM in  if I appear too tiny in the pictures, my little small girl couldn't go professional with my camera. 
Anyways, how are my ladies doing? do you know our new arrivals is hitting the store next week? hoo-la-la! You don't wanna miss the amazing collections, the new arrivals are breath-taking and this outfit is just a sample. Save it all up for next week, you won't be disappointed. 
PS: pictures of ''some'' of the items will be displayed on IG @tounajstore. To order. send an email and pictures to tounajj@gmail.com.

And BTW, lace is big now, and i'll bring to you lots of post on lace. Have a good one and good morning. xo

Top in store next week
Skirt (you can order from now till weekend) tounajj@gmail.com
Shoe (you can order from now till weekend) tounajj@gmail.com


  1. yep!! I agree with u ...lace is big now...its everywhere.....I love the lace trend
    btw you look gorgeous.....I love your skirt


  2. I love your outfit..can someone order online?

  3. You can never go wrong with white and black and I adore your lace on lace pairing. The skirt is stunning and I love the pop of colour with your shoes.


  4. The pictures are lovely, she did a good job. Love the look.