Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mild Camouflage

 A lot of people guess white is my favorite colour, no doubt, they are right. Because it's one of my fave colours. Notice the way the skirt blended well with the shoe? That's my mild camouflage. As soon as I saw this shoe, I fell completely in love with it that I had to get it in pink as well. It was strictly on order and not available in store. 

How are my ladies? I suppose ''awesome''. Using this medium to also wish my muslim viewers ''happy ramadan'' Have a good one guys and don't forget to check out the store today for new arrivals. Have a good one, xo

Top from Toun AJ store (113 Awolowo way Ikeja Lagos 07044002092)
Skirt by Coast
Shoe from Toun AJ store
Bangles by Cartier
Rings by Cartier
Wristwatch by Cartier
Bangle with pearls by Zara
Neckpiece by Zara

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  1. Love that full skirt