Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Half sheered full flared

Hello ladies, sorry for the long silence, I've been busy working on this tounajwoman design. So, this outfit is going to be available during easter. I'm pretty excited about this outfit. The skirt is a super full flared skater metallic skirt, the pictures aren't really doing justice to the skirt but believe me, there's so much life in this skirt, so bouncy. And the top is one chic sheer crop top, sheer at the back and concealed in front. How else would you wanna wear this 2 shades of grey? It's a must have ladies.

You can place your order by paying, pending the time we'll receive them (Easter period). We have sizes from 8 to 14. Pls note: it is limited and we won't keep if payment isn't made. For more enquiries, pls email or call +2348178651587 or add us on bbm 2AF168C3.
Have a good one guys... xo

Top by TounAJwoman
Skirt by TounAJwoman
Shoe by Casadei
Purse by RI
Watch by Burberry
Hand accessory from Toun AJ store


  1. Truly beautiful...I love it

  2. lovely look.will definitely rock this look.

  3. Wow,yøu really designed that? It looks really nice.

  4. Your love for crop tops though....I like how your wear them without showing much skin....nice design