Friday, 12 April 2013

Summer's big fashion trends

I want to share some latest fashion trends with you guys. Stripes, chequers, and some never-ending-colors like white and black are in for this summer, apparently these are some of my favorite colors. It's amazing how some certain trends never go out of fashion, The typical stripes is now back in a different way, where you have to wear stripes on stripes, but, you can introduce the trend by way of accessories, you can use bold monochrome accessories like bangles, chunky neck-pieces or a candy striped raffia bag, this should do the trick nicely.

These bold graphic checks are really flamboyant and they are gradually walking into this seasons hottest trends.
There's something about these two colors ''black and white'', no matter how hard other colors try to stay in vogue, they are still always in the picture. Nothing feels as good as making your wardrobe stay quiet and cool away from noisy graphic clashing prints. But all the same, prints are also back, and this time, its prints on prints on prints. Have a good one dolls...xoxo

Belting you waist gives you an elegant look, and gives way to beautifully tailored curves and belted middles creating an hourglass line that is smart and super feminine- Vogue. The belt is always going to be a big accessory story.
Precious metal prints
Floral prints clash

Image credits to:Vogue Fashion Trends

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