Wednesday, 24 April 2013

African prints...

 For some reason, the camera gave my face some funny looks, lol...Hello dolls, hope you had a fantastic weekend? Mine was action packed with so many movies. So, I wore this outfit to church, I'm sure those of you following me on keek would have seen the video of this outfit, well incase you dont know my keek name, it is Toun_Aj..So, I'm wearing a cream sleeevless shirt inside this ''ankara print-like material'' on a blue peg pant with a slim belt to accentuate the waist, matched up with this gorgeous orange strap heels. I didnt want to look completely traditional so i decided to add some cool touches. Even though the material isn't the ankara material, i felt really traditional in it. What do y'all think of this look? Who says you cant pull some stunts when it comes to fashion? afterall, that is what style is about...Have a good one dolls, cheers, xoxo

Jacket by: Topshop
Pants by: H&M
Shirt by: Topshop
Shoe by: Zara


  1. You look amazing! Cute sandals. :D(jst got my own pair).
    Been following ur blog for a long while now n I love it!

    Quick question-Pls how do u get the HnM, Zara etc items in Nigeria or do u buy dem directly from the stores in d UK abi US cos they dnt deliver to Nigeria.

    1. There are stores that sell them here. Like top fashion on Allen. Pls use the question and answer section for further questions.

    2. You can try they help ypu order stuff from the uk nd bring it to naija.

      they are very reliable

  2. Lovely combo girl, very impressive

  3. Lovely lovely lovely. U killed this outfit

  4. Yes she killed it, very different.

  5. Very nice I like d mix.

  6. I love this look, I can steal it out of my screen

  7. Wowzer! U r good