Thursday, 17 January 2013

Oversized top+ripped denim shorts

So, I'm wearing this loose over size top on a ripped denim short.. I have a lot on abnormal than normal I just love the funky yet crazy look when i wear them. Ripped denims are also very appealing. The over sized top is a trend that not everyone can pull off. Would suit a skinny figure and my body type

Top by: Discovery Island,
Denim by: H&M,
Shoes by: Office


  1. hey tounaj,u really look nice in this outfit ooo, did you just say a skinny person can try this.. Wow!am going to try it out and if i look nice i would send the pictures to you..You are my style star.thanx

    1. Hey doll! U sure can rock on girl... Have a good one and pls send me pictures!

  2. Every thing u rock looks good on u , also u av been my style idol since I came across this page, my day is never complete witout dis me checkn n i av been
    able to change my style sense n everybody noticed it , thanks to you Toun.

    1. Awwww! thanks doll, You rock! Pls send me pictures