Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas show-off...Brocade pants+chiffon shirt

Super merry xmas in arrears to y'all. Its good to be back.
So, i wore this lovely chiffon top on my gorgeous brocade pants. Brocade is very similar to damask, and thats the trend right now. Though simple but unique.

Shirt by: Mango
Pants by: H&M


  1. Nice one Toun. Been following your blog via facebook for a while now but officially following today. Used your pic as my dp today and i was bombarded...'so u know Toun...bla bla bla" lol. Keep it up and i would advise you communicate well with your blog fans except if there's a good reason not to...Happy New Year

  2. Lovely....nice concept.....

  3. Nice..welcome bk

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  4. Why don't you reply people that compliment you on your blog?? only answer questions and its not have an up coming blog and its nice to say a simple 'THANK YOU'........#just an observation