Monday, 8 December 2014

Red Ribbon

National World AIDS day is on the 1st of December each year. It's a day where people unite worldwide in the fight against HIV,It's a day where people show support for people living with HIV and to honor people who have died. Worlds AIDS day is the very first global health day which held the first one in 1988. It's an opportunity to learn what HIV is about and not just learn but put your knowledge into action. So, show support for people living with HIV on World AIDS day by wearing a red ribbon like the one I have on in this post. It is the international symbol of  HIV awareness and support. 
How are you guys doing by the way? I hope y'all are as good as I am? lol
I wore this outfit this past week and I really love the dress in particular. I love the big peplum hem (flare) and also the way it swings as you walk. BTW, never mind the lines on my feet, they came from a pretty tight sandal I wore before the shoot. Hope y'all are having a good one and preparing for the Christmas season. Toun AJ store would soon restock, our new arrivals got delayed due to the Nahco issues. We'll keep you updated on when as soon as we can. Meanwhile, we'll begin posting more pictures on instagram @tounajstore today, so you can always order pending the time we restock.
Have a good one guys and stay safe. xo

Shoe by Christian Louboutin (Hot chick 130mm)
Dress from Toun AJ store (in store soon)
Top from H&M
Purse by Chanel
Accessories by RI and ALDO

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