Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shop with us tomorrow wednesday 28/05/14

As said above: YES!!! Finally, NEW ARRIVALS tomorrow, wednesday 28/05/14.
Be sure to shop the latest fashion finds, we have some items back in stock like cullotes, mustard yellow blazer, crop tops and more. And we added flat sandals, brogues, heels, high slippers, crop peplum hem tops, bralets, full flared skirts, maxi skirts, purses, small size purses,n pearl neckpieces and bangles, midi rings, finger rings, face caps, t-shirts, midi dresses, skater skirts, white basic shirts, skater dresses and many more...
Don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend, we have them limited...
We love shopping, don't you? Own it! Strut it!!

Toun AJ store
113 awolowo way(beside mobil airport hotel)
bbpin: 2AF168C3

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