Thursday, 13 March 2014

Slicker than your average

                                                          *warning: Pictures are too bright*

Hello ladies, how have y'all been? I missed being here, but got too much going on at the moment, not to worry, I'm back here now! Toun AJ store would be having new arrivals next week, so y'all had better prepare. We'll be having distinct affordable and trendy wears. You don't wanna miss out on our new arrivals coming soon...Tell a friend to tell a friend. Own and strut it.*winks*

Nuff said, so, I was able to dash out of shopping to take these pictures, as you can see, the weather was awesome but still cold. Hope y'all are having a good time? Have a good one guys...xo

Dress by Topshop
Coat by A-wear
Purse by ZARA
Shoe by Christian Louboutin
Frames by Tom Ford


  1. so niceeeeee, i should visit your store one of these days

  2. gorgeous.