Sunday, 19 January 2014


 Hello ladies, how are y'all today? I'm good thank you, just dealing. So thought to quickly share my sunday outfit with y'all, sorry about the pictures, some are pretty blurry, all thanks to my naughty camera lady for the day. Have a good one y'all and stay warm. Also keep it in mind that TOUN AJ STORE will open sooner than you think, so y'all should go prepare for my opening and also prepare to shop till you drop. Have a good one lovely people. xo

Dress by Zara
Coat by Zara
Shoe by Christian Louboutin
Purse by Chanel
Earrings by Forever 21


  1. You look gorgeous....I love your bag

  2. I so love U toun... love d shoes tho', Cnt wait 2 shop till I drop...

  3. i love this gownnnnn