Sunday, 10 April 2016


 Yass! Got that prom outfit ready yet? This is a good one. If I had to explain how long it took me to get this dress, the sleepless nights, sighs!! Y'all will just laugh at me. Usually, I'm not the ball (skater) dress type of person lately, but something about this dress caught my attention. From the color, to the fabric, to the well shaped off-shoulder to the hi-lows and waist line, I just knew right there I had to get it. But erm, I don't see me wearing this perhaps anytime soon, so I'm thinking, should I sell it? hmmm. Will think about it.What better way to wear it? Had to touch up with the shoe with a little drama. 
Have a good one guys, xo

PS: Unfortunately, the dress is sold out. But it was sold out when I wanted it, had to keep checking because sometimes they restock some sizes. So you might just have my type of luck if you try.

Dress: Asos (Similar)


  1. This is so cute.... Outfit idea for my graduation ceremony

  2. Watching Asos everyday, need this dress in my life.... BTW, you look stunning in it

  3. Hi.Is that polyester\scuba material?

  4. where do you think i can get the same one