Monday, 24 February 2014

Metals and mirrors

 This tree ehn, specially for me. lol. I sit there when I wanna get How are you guys today? I'm great thank you. I wore this outfit to church on sunday, I felt really happy finally wearing it, I'm sure you'll wonder why, this was the outfit I set aside for the opening of the store but the zipper messed me up, but at last I finally got to wear it. I paired up with this *sick* Jeffrey Campbell heels, how sick are the heels? Would be available in store soon.
Pls permit me to hype my store a little bit? *i said please* Just a little hype. Just in case you didn't know, sometimes some of the customers that come around come in with intentions of buying one item but at the end of the day leave with many items, this is simply because we also specialize in putting pieces together, we have a good degree in that, our styling skills is overwhelming and I'm sure our customers can testify to that. You can be rest assured we'll style you to a very high end taste, that's the power of Toun AJ store, we just don't work it, we strut it and style it for you...Visit us today, 113 Awolowo way Ikeja. Have a good one guys, xo

Jumpsuit by French Connection
Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell
Purse available in the store


  1. you look good as always

  2. Nice pix kip it Up will surely check out ur store soon

  3. Nice jumpsuit, shoes.....not sure though

  4. Love the entire look.

  5. Beautiful! I love the sheos